How To Delete MetaMask Account

How To Delete MetaMask

How To Delete MetaMask

For one reason or another, you may find yourself wondering how to delete a MetaMask account. So what do you do?

Despite its variety of features, including storing NFTs and also storing custom tokens, it is still important to know how to purge your MetaMask account if necessary.

While it can be easy to delete your Coinbase account or delete a Binance account, it's slightly different for MetaMask. Here's why.

How To Delete MetaMask Account

There are multiple reasons users may want to delete their MetaMask accounts.

As crypto hacks and scams are on a rise, users may encounter compromised wallets. If so, they may decide to delete their accounts.

However, deleting a MetaMask account is not that easy, as MetaMask does not store user data on its servers. The wallet primarily acts as a medium, the real data is stored on a blockchain which is impossible to erase.

The best way to delete your MetaMask account is to uninstall it from your desktop and delete your Metamask chrome extension or Metamask safari chrome extension.

To remove your account from MetaMask, go to My Accounts, and select remove accounts. This won't delete the account but will stop it from being visible, although you can still access it if you enter the password.

However, before doing any removing or 'deleting', you should probably transfer your cryptocurrency out of MetaMask, too.

In exceptional cases, where a user has to report a compromised MetaMask wallet, they should follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Go to MetaMask support.
  • Message the support team (enter your query in detail) and wait for a reply.

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How To Delete MetaMask Account On Mobile

As stated above, MetaMask accounts can only be removed and not deleted.

Users can simply log into their Metamask account on mobile and click on remove accounts to complete the process.

Again, users can always restore their accounts if they possess the correct recovery seed phrase.

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