MetaMask Seed Phrase: How To Find Your MetaMask Secret Recovery Phrase

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OpenSea MetaMask integration has opened doors for NFT enthusiasts to purchase NFTs using the MetaMask wallet. This means it is no longer merely a tool for transferring crypto from one place to another. But, there are times when one can easily forget their secret MetaMask seed phrase, which can land users in a bit of trouble.

A MetaMask seed phrase is an array of simple words that a user must keep safe for times when they accidentally forget their login password. But what should the user do when they can't even remember his MetaMask seed phrase?

This means that a user is blocked from accessing several MetaMask services including transfers from MetaMask to PancakeSwap as well as accessing the MetaMask NFT feature. To avoid situations like these, a user must follow the instructions mentioned below to retrieve his MetaMask seed phrase.

How To Find MetaMask Seed Phrase

To find your MetaMask seed phrase, a user must:

  • Open MetaMask from its app for login to MetaMask by accessing the MetaMask Chrome extension.
  • Click on the security and privacy option
  • Click on "Reveal recovery phrase."
  • Enter your password to confirm and write the recovery phrase down.
  • You cannot take a screenshot of the recovery phrase. So it is often advised to write the recovery phrase in a notebook (in its prescribed manner) and store it in a safe place.

How To Change Your MetaMask Seed Phrase?

Per the guidelines issued by the MetaMask team, a user can't change their MetaMask seed phrase.

However, they are free to create a different account and transfer the tokens from their existing account to the new one

In this way, they'll be allotted a new recovery phrase which they can either save or write it down for recovery purposes in the future.

MetaMask Seed Phrase Not Working?

MetaMask seed phrase is generated in a sequential manner. A user must keep the sequence aligned while entering the seed phrase to avoid any errors.

When you're getting a MetaMask seed phrase not working error, here are a few things you must check to ensure that your seed phrase is correctly entered into the wallet's database.

  • Check whether the 12-word seed phrase is entered sequentially.
  • Check whether the seed phrase has any incorrect spellings.
  • Also, it is worth checking that your seed phrase does not have any irregular spaces in between.
  • If you're still getting the invalid seed phrase error. You should contact the MetaMask customer support here.

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