Evmos Staking: How to Stake Evmos

Evmos staking metamask

Evmos staking metamask

Here's how you can stake EVMOS tokens on Evmos, a leading proof of stake (PoS) blockchain enabling value transfer between Ethereum and Cosmos.

Evmos is described as a fast Ethereum-compatible blockchain, built on the Cosmos ecosystem. The blockchain allows developers to leverage its functionalities to run Ethereum smart contracts on app-specific Cosmos networks.

Let's dive in deep to figure out how users can take Evmos to earn exclusive crypto rewards, but before that, let's explore what the Evmos blockchain, in essence, is all about.

What is Evmos?

Evmos is a layer 1 blockchain built on top of the Cosmos ecosystem. On Evmos, developers can use the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) to bring Ethereum dApps to Cosmos.

On the Evmos network, users are able to stake native EVMOS tokens to earn rewards, access decentralised apps, and trade Evmos-based NFTs via Orbit, the blockchain's first NFT marketplace.

How to Stake Evmos?

Staking on Evmos is possible through third-party web3 wallets such as Metamask and Cosmos's Keplr wallet. This tutorial will focus on staking through Metamask.

There is a 14-day period when you won't be able to use your Evmos tokens after you've un-staked them. Keep this in mind before staking your Evmos tokens.
  1. Go to Evmos's official website and click 'Launch App' then 'Connect Wallet.' A window will pop up; select Metamask. MetaMask will then ask you to sign a message that will allow you to use Evmos's services. Click on the 'sign' option.
  2. Switch the network to add Evmos's network to MetaMask.
  3. Go to the staking tab and browse for a validator that you'd like to stake your tokens with.
  4. Once you've found a validator, enter the number of tokens you'd like to stake.
It's usually a good idea not to stake all your available Evmos; leave some tokens to cover gas fees when you need to un-stake.
  1. MetaMask will then prompt you to sign two messages to approve the transaction. Click on the 'sign' option for both of them after reading the instructions listed. After signing, you have successfully staked your Evmos.

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