How to stake Terra Luna Classic

Luna classic staking

Luna classic staking

Terra Luna Classic's LUNC token reached a new 7 day high after getting its new V22 upgrade.

A deflationary tax burn on the coin has been proposed to help regulate its supply. The motion was met with enthusiasm by the Luna community and new investors have shown interest in the token.

Most Terra Luna Classic investors don't know that they can stake their LUNC tokens to earn passive LUNC rewards. Here's how you can stake your Terra Luna Classic tokens.

How to stake Luna Classic?

Just over 6 billion LUNC tokens were staked after the new V22 update was rolled out.

Here's how you can stake LUNC in 6 easy steps:

  1. Download Terra Station
  2. Send your LUNC tokens to Terra Station then click on the stake option
  3. Choose a validator that you would like to stake your tokens with
  4. Click 'delegate'
  5. Enter the amount of LUNC that you'd like to stake
  6. Click the Submit button and confirm the transaction
Some Twitter users have suggested that stakers should consider delegating their LUNC tokens to smaller validators to help bolster the network's security and stability.

What is the appeal of Terra Luna Classic staking?

In May, the unprecedented Luna crypto crash wiped billions out of the market, rendering the original Luna token useless.

The Luna classic community came together and forged a new path for the token by proposing a Luna hard fork, which later gave birth to Luna 2.0 and Terra Luna Classic.

Terra Luna Classic's recent price surge arrived after the token was given the important V22 upgrade.

The upgrade introduced staking capabilities and gave LUNC holders the ability to stake their tokens to accrue attractive rewards.

Here's more news on Luna 2.0 and the latest on Terra Luna Classic.
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