How to fix Coinbase Wallet not showing balance

Coinbase wallet.
Credit: Coinbase

Coinbase wallet.
Credit: Coinbase
February 28, 2024: Unable to see your Coinbase wallet balance? Find out how to fix it in our guide.

Having trouble with Coinbase wallet? Here's how you can fix Coinbase wallet not showing balance issue in a few simple clicks and tricks

Coinbase is one of the leading crypto wallets that has recently bolstered its efforts to reach the top by relisting and delistings some new and old cryptocurrencies. The exchange has become quite transparent with its new Coinbase listings to attract new users to the platform.

Coinbase is also set to offer a novel Coinbase subscription model to expand its existing service portfolio. But before we get to that, here's how you can navigate the Coinbase not showing balance in a go.

What is the Coinbase wallet not showing balance error?

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange, a technical entity, that may experience a few glitches here and there which can delay your transactions and may not update your wallet balance on command.

The issue can arise for several reasons, mainly surrounding the Coinbase servers.

  • When Coinbase servers are undergoing their scheduled maintenance.
  • If the Coinbase servers are overloaded.
  • When the Coinbase app has not been updated by the users to the latest version.
  • When Coinbase is having a scheduled downtime.

However, this is not the exhaustive list of reasons for the not showing balance error. More importantly, waiting for these server issues to go might not help, if they are even there. Here's a look at how to fix it.

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How to fix Coinbase wallet not showing balance issue?

To fix a Coinbase wallet now showing a balance issue, a user must troubleshoot with the solutions mentioned below:

  • Check whether your Coinbase wallet app is using the latest version and has been updated with the latest patch.
  • Check whether Coinbase is not undergoing its periodic server maintenance or downtime.
  • Clear your Coinbase wallet application's cache memory.
  • Try to log out of the account and try logging in after refreshing the wallet.
  • Update your Coinbase wallet's Chrome wallet extensions
  • Have patience as Coinbase sometimes takes extra time to calculate balance after issuing fresh transactions since some of the transactions may take extra time to undergo verification done by the exchange.

And that's it. Hopefully one of these solutions helps fix your balance issue. If not, we'd suggest contacting Coinbase support.

Now that's (potentially) sorted, check out the latest on Coinbase staking, and whether a Coinbase Luna listing will happen.

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