How To Connect Coinbase Wallet To Opensea

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Coinbase logo above OpenSea logo on white background.

Coinbase wallet is one of the most popular and simplest crypto wallets that could be used by users to initiate transactions on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

OpenSea has recently emerged as one of the leading crypto NFT marketplaces, reportedly generating $23 billion in sales in 2021. While MetaMask is still the most popular wallet to connect to OpenSea, alternatives such as Coinbase remain prominent.

The soaring numbers have prompted many users to explore the NFT domain and invest in new NFT projects. Here's how to use Coinbase to do that.

How To Connect Coinbase Wallet With OpenSea

Users who wish to connect their Coinbase wallet to OpenSea should follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Visit the OpenSea NFT website and select the drop-down menu (Note: The mobile web version connects faster than desktop versions).
  • Tap on the select wallet option.
  • Select Coinbase wallet among the list of wallets listed.
  • Select Coinbase wallet.
  • The Coinbase wallet will automatically open once you select the Coinbase wallet option.
  • Your Coinbase wallet is now connected to the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

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What is a Coinbase Wallet?

A Coinbase wallet is a wallet launched by top cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase to assist users in conducting crypto transfers.

The wallet claims that it is a self custody wallet that gives users full control of managing their crypto wallet. This also means that the private keys of the wallet stay with their respective users and not with the exchange.