Luna Coinbase: Coinbase No Longer Plans To List Terra Luna After Collapse

Coinbase Terra Luna on blue background.

Coinbase Terra Luna on blue background.

With Luna Coinbase pleas gaining momentum amid the Luna crypto crash, the question remains the same whether Coinbase will ever list Luna on its crypto exchange.

The exchange issued an update in early May, adding that it will list Luna among its new Coinbase listings. However, the exchange's sentiments seem to have shifted considering the prices of Luna that spiraled out of control earlier and fell below $0.01.

Coinbase also halted all crypto operations concerning Wrapped Luna, further reinforcing its issues with recent volatility. But, with a Luna recovery plan in place, what does the future hold for a Luna Coinbase listing?

Will Coinbase List Terra Luna?

Coinbase no longer plans to list Luna after the major collapse, it has now confirmed.

Its blog post relating to new assets previously included Terra Luna alongside the likes of Kusama and Project Galaxy. However, on May 13, it updated this post, removing Luna from its group of planned listings. This was just a week after Coinbase first added Luna to this list.

Coinbase did not give a specific reason for its removal of Luna, but given it cited the volatility around Luna as a reason why it will suspend UST and Wrapped Luna trading from May 27, this is likely the cause.

Several other exchanges have delisted Luna or paused trading amid the crash, but many still let their users buy Luna.

However, this isn't necessarily the end for Luna and Coinbase. The planned Luna fork could introduce a new version of Luna that Coinbase could list instead.

However, given the fork has remained divisive within the cryptocurrency community, this isn't guaranteed. Indeed, the new Luna's future on other exchanges also looks unclear.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, for example, said his personal opinion is that the fork won't work. "Forking does not give the new fork any value," he said. "That's wishful thinking."

As far as the recent Luna classic news is concerned, a new Luna update has sent the LUNC token soaring past 70%. The token is up 56.99% in the last 24 hours and is at $0.000584.

However, Coinbase has still not issued any clarification on its Luna delisting and whether the exchange will relist LUNC or Luna 2.0 dubbed Luna sometime in near future.

We'll keep this page updated as more information comes out about the future of a Luna Coinbase listing.

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