Project Galaxy Token (GAL): What Is GAL And Where To Buy Project Galaxy

Project Galaxy (GAL)
Credit: Unsplash

Project Galaxy (GAL)
Credit: Unsplash

The Project Galaxy (GAL) token has drummed up a lot of attention since its reveal, but what is it and where can you buy Project Galaxy?

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance continues to add new Binance listings to expand on its already sizeable list of crypto assets compared to the new Coinbase listings.

And now, the exchange has joined other places in listing the new cryptocurrency called Project Galaxy (GAL). Let's take a look at what this token is all about.

Project Galaxy Token: What Is GAL?

Termed as one of the largest Web3 credential data networks in the world, Project Galaxy is an open and collaborative network that enables projects/developers to utilise its credential data to build new apps and products.

These credentials are defined as behavioural on-chain data traces that can be leveraged to build better products.

Data curators are entitled to receive new rewards once the project credentials are used in Galaxy's application mode, Application Modules, Credential Oracle Engine, and Credential API.

GAL serves as the governance token that powers the Project Galaxy ecosystem and can be used to "incentivize user participation."

Along with that, the token possesses multiple use cases including acting as a primary token headlining the protocol as well as being used by developers to pay fees while accessing the protocol at large.

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Where Can I Buy GAL Token?

The Project Galaxy token GAL is available to buy on several cryptocurrency exchanges. Its launch on both Binance and Coinbase, albeit in the more experimental sections, sent its price soaring upon the listing.

Asisde from Binance and Coinbase, GAL is available on other prominent exchanges, such as KuCoin, MEXC, and FTX.

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