Luna Delisting: Which Exchanges Are Removing Luna After Luna Delisted Ahead Of New Chain?

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Terra Luna logo on a white background.

The Luna delisting announcements came in thick and fast following the coming unprecedented Luna crypto crash, alongside trading suspensions.

While new Binance listings and new Coinbase listings happen all the time, so are delistings, albeit for small pairs nowhere near the volume Luna is trading.

However, with Luna 2.0 now set to take over as part of the Luna recovery plan, what is the state of Luna delistings?

Luna Delistings Ahead Of New Chain

While several cryptocurrency exchanges delisted and paused Luna trading following the crash, most of this has now resumed.

However, Luna trading has been paused on most exchanges while they wait for the launch of the new Terra chain on May 28. The Luna 2.0 crypto exchange support continues to grow, and with it so does this trading suspension.

Of course, this won't really affect Luna 2.0 or the Luna 2.0 price, as the new coin has not yet launched. Instead, it is Luna Classic trading which has been suspended. In the Binance Luna 2.0 announcement, it said Luna Classic trading would resume on May 30 on the renamed Terra Classic chain.

Luna Delistings During Crash

During the unprecedented Luna crash, Binance announced its decision to delist Terra Luna and UST pairs.

The spot pairs in question that Binance delisted are: LUNA/BTC, LUNA/BIDR, LUNA/AUD, LUNA/BNB, LUNA/ETH, LUNA/USDT, LUNA/GBP, LUNA/BRL, LUNA/TRY, and LUNA/EUR.

Binance also removed BTC/UST, LUNA/UST, ETH/UST, BNB/UST and UST/USDT spot pairs. Other Luna and UST pairs remain available.

Indian exchange WazirX has also announced a firm delisting of Luna. On May 13, it delisted the LUNA/USDT, LUNA/INR, LUNA/WRX pairs Its post said: "When a coin or token no longer meets [our] standard, or the industry changes, we conduct a more in-depth review and potentially delist it."

Fellow Indian exchange CoinSwitch Kuber has also delisted Luna. CoinEx will also delist several Luna trading pairs. will also delist Luna.

Coinbase, however, may have the opposite problem. Earlier in May, it said that alongside Project Galaxy, Flow and Kusama, it intended to list Luna by June 30.

Wrapped Luna, which has also fallen, has also been removed from Luna.

Luna Trading Suspension

A step down from a Luna delisting, many exchanges opted to suspend trading relating to Luna or UST.

Binance halted Terra Luna transactions several times in the early days of the crash. On May 13, it suspended Luna and UST trading. Explaining this, it said: "Withdrawals for LUNA and UST will open when the network becomes stable."


This comes after the Terra blockchain halted at block 7,607,789, although it has since restarted.

Binance has now re-opened trading on the LUNA/BUSD and UST/BUSD pairs, however. suspended Luna trading and withdrawals, but this have now re-opened. Incorrect prices on for Luna led to a reversal in some trades, too.

Other exchanges, including ByBit, have suspended and re-opened Luna trading over the last few days. It's worth checking the social feeds or status pages of your preferred exchange to see whether they are trading Terra Luna amid this uncertain period.

Luna is down 99.9%, now trading at $0.0004. Prior to the crash, had hit an all-time high of $119 in early April. TerraUSD, the algorithmic stablecoin also involved in the crash, remains de-pegged, and is sitting at $0.20.