Wrapped Luna: What Is Wrapped Luna and Why Has The WLUNA Price Fallen?

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Amid the sudden Luna crypto crash and speculations on the Luna recovery, another crypto token called Wrapped Luna has been making headlines in the financial market.

Billed as an ERC-20 token built to track the value of Luna, the sudden crypto collapse has affected its value and pricing. Both Luna and Wrapped Luna are now trading at below $0.01.

Let's take a look at what a Wrapped Luna token is and how the sudden Terra collapse affected its pricing.


What is Wrapped Luna?

Wrapped Luna is an Ethereum token made to represent Luna on the Ethereum blockchain. It is a separate ERC-20 token designed to track the value of Terra Luna.

Wrapped Luna was further created to enable Luna holders to trade, hold and participate in decentralised finance dApps on Ethereum. Users can also trade WLUNA to Luna through a WLUNA partner, and vice versa.

The concept of wrapped tokens can be further described as the tokenised form of another coin, usually anchored to the value of the asset that it represents. These tokens can be redeemed or "unwrapped" by users at any time.

Wrapped Luna Price Falls

The recent Luna price collapse has also affected the price of WLUNA, which at press time is sitting at $0.00023. Since Wrapped Luna is pegged to the value of Luna, its immediate price fall has also influenced the price of WLUNA, which is down 99.9%.

Wrapped Luna has an all-time high of $268, which it reached in November 2021 before the Terra ecosystem collapsed.

With Luna delistings on exchanges such as Binance are happening following the crash, Wrapped Luna had a similar fate. Coinbase, which does not support Luna, announced on Twitter it would pause Wrapped Luna trading from May 27. Deposits and withdrawals will not be suspended, however.