Is Coinbase Down: How To Check Coinbase Server Status

Coinbase app on a mobile phone
Credit: Olieman.eth/Unsplash

Coinbase app on a mobile phone
Credit: Olieman.eth/Unsplash

Coinbase, like any other online crypto exchange website, is susceptible to occasional crashes and server downtime. But how do you fix that issue and check its server status?

Cryptocurrency exchanges, like other websites, are vulnerable to overwhelming user activity. This can often result in unresponsive websites due to intense server overload.

Coinbase, being on the leading crypto exchanges often experiences drastic user activity which can often make the website or its mobile application suffer through a temporary outage. Let's take a look at some possible troubleshooting methods to fix the Coinbase down issue in a few seconds.

How To Check If Coinbase Is Down?

The easiest way for Coinbase users to check if Coinbase is down is to visit the official Coinbase and Coinbase Pro server status pages. These get updated each hour with the latest tech upgrades and updates.

Both offer incredibly detailed insights into Coinbase functionality, tracking the various applications, payment methods, and even different cryptocurrencies for issues. They also keep a log of past incidents.

However, as Coinbase does not include any reference to the outages on February 13, caused by its Super Bowl ad, it is not guaranteed to catch or record every issue. However, the exchange had recently undergone another outage that resulted in Coinbase halting its services temporarily.

As such, we'd recommend using a third-party, user-based issue recorder such as Down Detector.

Alternatively, a standard Twitter search for "Coinbase Down" could help see a real-time reaction from users.

Latest Coinbase Issues

Many users and investors complained that their Coinbase website and the app went unresponsive on February 13 - the night of the Super Bowl.

Coinbase took to Twitter to inform that the users are facing temporary downtime considering the overwhelming response that the exchange had received after it aired its crypto commercial during the Superbowl LVI.

The ad featuring a QR code bouncing on TV screens of the users sparked sharp user activity, which prompted the exchange to experience a spike in online user traffic volume. The surge made the website crash for a few minutes.

What To Do If Coinbase Is Not Working

In case, you are still having trouble with your Coinbase account, try following the troubleshooting solutions down below to solve the issue at the earliest:

  • If you're having trouble with the Coinbase app, you can try closing and reopening the app to solve the issue.
  • Try restarting your phone once to clear default settings
  • Try clearing the cache of the app to restore space and memory
  • Users can also try to login through two-step verification
  • Two-step verification includes signing in using your email and SMS
  • Make sure you have the latest Coinbase app and your website settings are up to date.
  • For more details, refer to the original guide here.

Is Coinbase Pro Down?

To check whether your Coinbase pro is down, there are multiple status check pages on the internet where you can get the latest information about whether the pro division of Coinbase is experiencing downtime issues.

However, it is advisable to check Coinbase's social media handles as well to get the latest info on downtime and server maintenance logs.

Furthermore, It is to be noted that Coinbase will soon be shutting its Pro service division by merging it with its Advanced Trade unit. You can check the details here.

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