Cookie Run: OvenSmash - Release Date, Latest News, and More

An image of gameplay from Cookie Run: OvenSmash

An image of gameplay from Cookie Run: OvenSmash

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Love Cookie Run’s multiplayer battles? If so, an upcoming game in the series might be right up your alley.

Cookie Run: OvenSmash is set to feature an array of online fun for those who get competitive about cookies, including team-based games, a battle royale mode and treasure hunting! You can find everything that we know about it so far below.

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Cookie Run: OvenSmash doesn’t have a concrete release date at present, but make sure that you follow us in order to get updates when the release date is revealed by Devsisters.

April 14 2022

The latest news on Cookie Run: Witch's Castle comes from Devsisters' Online Showcase and concerns gameplay details for the game. So far, we know that you’ll be able to partake in at least three vastly different multiplayer modes. The first of these, Wanted Star, pits teams of five against each other in all-out cookie warfare. Second is battle royale mode, which sees 30 cookies fight until one remains to reign supreme. Finally, there’s treasure hunt mode, in which teams of ten cookies hunt for multiple treasures hidden in huge maps, with the winners being those who haul the treasure back to their team’s goal first.

In terms of enemies, you can expect to encounter brown sugar golems, cactus spiders and frozen jelly wyrms among many others. Don’t worry though, characters like GingerBrave, Super Devil Cookie and Ion Cookie Robot are more than equipped to take on the challenges on offer.

Currently, Cookie Run: OvenSmash is set to arrive on both Android and iOS, as suggested by its TapTap page. No other platforms have yet been confirmed by Devsisters, but make sure you stay tuned so you don’t miss that information when it drops.

The latest trailer for Cookie Run: OvenSmash is featured in Devsisters' latest Online Showcase and can be found here:

This is everything we know about the Cookie Run: OvenSmash release date and what we can expect from the game right now. However, we’ll update this article as soon as we learn any more information. In the meantime, if you’re wondering whether Sonic or Tails could return to Cookie Run: Kingdom, take a look here.

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