Cookie Run: Kingdom Tails Cookie - Is He Coming Back?

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Image of Tails and Sonic in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Promotional events in mobile games are common, and the Cookie Run: Kingdom Tails cookie is one such example of that. Sonic's best friend is one of the most elusive cookies in the hit gacha game, and this guide will run through all the key details you need to know about him!

In this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide, we'll explore whether Tails is coming back to the game to coincide with the release of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. We'll also look at an overall build guide for the Tails cookie, giving you the best toppings to use and a look at his unique skill.

Elsewhere in the realm of Cookie Run, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list to see which cookies are most effective in the single-player. We've also got a PvP tier list to help you in competitive modes, and even an Affogato Cookie build guide to run through the latest new cookie in the game.


Is Tails Coming Back To Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Despite Sonic the Hedgehog 2 hitting all the entertainment headlines right now, it doesn't seem that the Tails cookie will return to Cookie Run: Kingdom. There's been nothing on the game's social media channels to suggest a tie-in with the new film will arrive, and as such we have to assume that Sonic and his yellow pal will remain in the vault.

Of course, we can hold out hope for Tails to make a Cookie Run: Kingdom comeback one day. Right now though, it seems like the hype around the new Sonic movie will come and go without a cookie-based promotional incentive.

Image of Tails and Sonic in Cookie Run: Kingdom.
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Best Cookie Run: Kingdom Tails Build and Toppings


There's one main topping that we recommend using if you already have Tails in Cookie Run: Kingdom. It'll help boost his performance and make him that bit more effective in battle. Not that he isn't a useful fighter in the first place!

The topping that works best with Tails is Searing Raspberry. It's widely considered the best topping in the game as a whole, so it's no surprise to see it crop up in this Tails build. Simply put, it provides a broad boost to your attacking stats, making offensive moves that bit more impactful.

Tails isn't one of the strongest attackers in the game off the bat, performing the Ambush role rather than being an out-and-out attacker. As such, using the Searing Raspberry is a helpful boost.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Tails Skills

As with all cookes in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Tails has a unique skill only available to him. This exclusive move doesn't work for any other characters, so if you've got Tails, you'll definitely want to know what makes him special.

Tails' skill move is quite fittingly called Tails' Spin Dash. It works similar to Sonic's special move, insofar as they both curl into a ball and propel themselves at enemies. The only difference is that Tails' Spin Dash boosts the defensive stats of teammates instead of their attack. There's a 17-second cooldown period, but given it lands 202.5% damage, it's certainly worth the wait.

That's it for our guide on Tails in Cookie Run: Kingdom! While the wait for Sonic's yellow friend to reappear, check out our Cookie Run: Kingdom codes for some freebies, and our toppings guide to help configure your attacking teams.