Cookie Run: Kingdom Sonic Cookie - Is He Coming Back?

Image of Sonic in Cookie Run: Kingdom
June 10, 2022: Announced during the latest Devnow stream, Sonic Cookie is returning to the game real soon.

The blue blur is back on the big screen, but is the Cookie Run: Kingdom Sonic cookie returning to the mobile RPG? Sonic's arrival in Cookie Run: Kingdom was a massive deal back in September 2021, though it was swiftly removed soon after. Given he's now back in the public eye thanks to the new movie Sonic the Hedgehog 2, we've got the lowdown on whether to expect a Sonic Cookie rerun.

This Cookie Run: Kingdom guide will go over everything you need to know about the Sonic the Hedgehog cookie. That includes all the details on his potential comeback to the gacha sensation, as well as a handy build guide in case you already have the cookie but want the best loadout possible.

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Though the Sonic 2 movie didn't cause Sonic Cookie to return, the latest Devnow stream for June has announced the limited-time cookie's return.

Promotional image from the Cookie Run: Kingdom and Sonic the Hedgehog crossover
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If you're one of the lucky players who already has Sonic in your roster, then we've got tips on how to line him up. Getting your toppings right can make Sonic a verified attacking behemoth, and these are the ones you'll want to choose to maximise success.

There are two optimum toppings for the Sonic cookie: Searing Raspberry and Swift Chocolate. Both are widely considered the best toppings in the game, so it's no surprise to see them crop up for the Sonic cookie. Searing Raspberry is a general attacking buff, which lets your hits deal more damage. That's a no-brainer in tough battles, giving you the attacking edge you need.

We also recommend applying the Swift Chocolate topping to the Sonic cookie. This topping decreases the cooldown on attacks, letting you queue up more offensive moves in quicker succession. Given you'll also have increased damage stats, both these toppings make for one mean combo.

Now you've got your topping combos sorted for the Sonic cookie, it's also good to know which individual skills he has. This is the unique move to Sonic that no other cookie has, and in many ways it helps him stand out from the rest of the roster.

Sonic's skill move is called Sonic's Spin Dash. This curling move sends Sonic bundling towards enemies in a flash, dealing damage to all of the enemy team while also increasing the attacking speed of his teammates. It has a precise DMG level of 201.9% and a 16-second cooldown. Combined with the Swift Chocolate cookie, that'll be even quicker.

That's it for our look at the Sonic cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom! While he isn't available in the game at the moment, it's still worth keeping an eye down the line. In the meantime, use our Caramel Arrow Cookie best toppings build for tips on one of the other cookies in the game. We've also got an overall toppings guide, so you can get familiar with all the ability-tweaking items.

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