Cookie Run: Kingdom White Lily Cookie - Release Date and Toppings

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With three of Cookie Run: Kingdom's five original heroes now playable, the White Lily Cookie release date can only be getting closer. In anticipation of the soft-spoken supporter's inevitable arrival, we've put together this best White Lily Cookie toppings build guide. Stock up to be properly prepared for when she does become playable.

Now, it's important to note that this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide is solely speculation at the moment. Nothing official has been released about the potential addition of White Lily, but we will make sure to update this page as soon as more information is available.

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Knowing that she's one of five Ancient Cookies from the very start of the game, we can use their release dates to guess the White Lily Cookie release date as well.

Right now, Ancient cookies have released five months apart. With that information in hand, we can work out that White Lily with either release in July 2022 (five months after Dark Cacao Cookie) or in December 2022, which would be five months after Golden Cheese Cookie would release as the penultimate original Ancient cookie.

Of course, her long-standing role in the story could throw a spanner into this theory relatively easily, but there's no solid evidence to back up the idea that she'll deviate from the current release pattern. We'll just have to wait and see.

The Cookie Run: Kingdom White Lily cookie release date could be July or December 2022.
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Sweet Candy x5
Swift Chocolate x5

We cannot say for definite which ones are the best until White Lily has been released. However, looking at the fact that White Lily may be a Support Class, we've taken a guess at which ones might make the cut.

The above White Lily Cookie toppings lean into two different ideas: boosting the effect of her buffs, or decreasing the cooldown of the ability that provides them.

It'll be a situational thing for sure, but if you can work out whether you want to hit harder in a burst window by buffing the effect or lengthen that window by reducing White Lily Cookie's cooldown, you'll know which build to use.

What Role Is White Lily Cookie?

At the moment, we believe that White Lily Cookie will still be a Support Class that specialises in the Rear position when they become playable. Her use in the prologue shows her buffing the team with a massive CRIT boost. Though there's bound to be some light heals to go along with it, she'll primarily amplify the damage output of the team, making her a Support cookie.

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What Rarity Is White Lily Cookie?

When you take into account that Dark Cacao Cookie (another hero seen in the prologue alongside White Lily) is an Ancient Cookie, it's safe to assume that White Lily will be an Ancient Cookie too.

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