Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Cheese Cookie - Release Date and Toppings

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With only two Ancient cookies from the intro left to arrive, the Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Cheese Cookie release date must be creeping closer. Once a Cookie becomes playable, you can boost their stats through toppings. To prepare for her eventual release, we've already begun to speculate the best Golden Cheese Cookie toppings build we can.

It's worth noting that this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide is currently speculation based on the small bits of information we could pull from official sources. We'll be sure to update this page if and when more is announced about Golden Cheese Cookie being added to the game, but take whatever you read right now with a grain of sugar.

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When Is the Cookie Run: Kingdom Golden Cheese Cookie Release Date?

Though there's no official word of a Golden Cheese Cookie release date just yet, her being one of two of the five original Ancient Cookies from the game's intro yet to be released, we can simply follow the current release date pattern to make an educated guess.

Given that three of the five original Ancient Cookies have released five months apart so far, we believe the Golden Cheese Cookie release date will be either late July or December 2022.

Ultimately, the release date depends on whether Golden Cheese Cookie or White Lily Cookie releases first. Though, with the way the story is going, both could drop at the same time.

These are the best Golden Cheese Cookie toppings we can think of right now.
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What Are the Best Golden Cheese Cookie Toppings?

Best Alternative
Searing Raspberry x3, Bouncy Caramel x2Swift Chocolate x5

We cannot confirm what the best toppings for Golden Cheese Cookie are until they are released. However, as we know what their role is, we have made an educated guess on what the best ones might be.

For now, we think the traditional method of balancing ATK and ATK SPD will help the dangerously powerful ranged character knock down targets before they can return fire.

What Role Is Golden Cheese Cookie?

From the fraction of time that you can play as this cookie at the very beginning of the game, we learn that Golden Cheese Cookie is a Ranged Class who specialises in the Rear position.

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What Rarity Is Golden Cheese Cookie?

When you look at Dark Cacao Cookie (who has already been released), it's pretty safe to assume that Golden Cheese Cookie will be an Ancient Cookie. She's one of the fire Cookies who take on the big boss in the Cookie Run: Kingdom prologue.

Each of these have come back as Ancient Cookies throughout the story, so the same is expected of Golden Cheese. Expect her to show up as a disguised character in the story - just like Pure Vanilla.

We will update this page as more information becomes available.


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