The Best Hip Fire Secondary Weapon In Warzone According To TimTheTatman

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It is rare to find someone who plays more Call of Duty: Warzone than TimTheTatman. As those who watch his stream know, he puts himself in danger so often that he has no choice but to hip fire. Hip firing has become one of the staples of his gameplay, and he loves it.

TimThetatman said he has never seen a weapon that compares to one that FaZe Nio recommended. If you can believe it, this weapon is better than the MP5 in Modern Warfare. In the video below, we display the weapon itself as well as the statement made in the video.


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The best Hip fire weapon in Warzone, according to TimTheTatman

TimTheTatman thinks he's slick for putting his recommendation for Warzone at the end of the video. The video below will play right where you need it to, and you do not have to watch it all the way through. How the weapon is modded matters as much as the weapon itself.

For those mobile users, recommendation starts at 11:03


The weapon is the 8.5" Favory Mini with a Merc Foregrip, which seems pretty basic. What makes this weapon special is the .41 AE 32-Round Mags. It won't be near as good as it could be without the ammunition mod.

Keep in mind that this isn't for primary weapons; it's for hip firing. In Warzone, you need to shoot quickly and effectively, and TimTheTatman gave a fantastic tip on how to do that. No worries about the sights or stock; Tim uses a 5mW Laser but recommends having no stock on the weapon.

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