Best Warzone Marksman Rifle: Season 4 Tier List

Best Warzone Marksman Rifle

Marksman Rifles in Warzone are a hybrid between an assault rifle (AR) and a sniper rifle, making them some of the strongest guns to use in mid-range engagements. Throughout the battle royale's short history, some rifles have squeezed into the metagame but have quickly fallen out of favour while one has withstood every single nerf Raven Software has thrown at it.

Apart from the one exception, Marksman Rifles have never proven to be a popular choice when creating a strong Warzone loadout but on rare occasions, they do have their place within the ever-changing metagame. With that said, find the best Warzone Marksman Rifle in our ultimate tier list!

What Is The Best Warzone Marksman Rifle?

S Tier
Kar98k (Modern Warfare)
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Many players forget that Modern Warfare's Kar98k is a Marksman Rifle rather than a fully-fledged sniper. Despite numerous buffs and nerfs impacting a number of rifles, the Kar98k remains a solid option.

Warzone Marksman Rifle Tier List

This particular tier list ranks all of the available Marksman Rifles within Warzone rather than looking at the very best weapons to be using as part of a loadout. Let's see which is the best and which one you should stay away from.


Topping the tier list by some margin is the Kar98k, a Marksman rifle many believe to be classed as a sniper. Thanks to its high mobility levels and devastating damage output, the Kar98k is still one of the best weapons to use in Warzone whether it's up close and personal or in long-distance duels.

Warzone Kar98k Marksman Rifle Tier List
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Perhaps the next best thing to the Kar98k is the SP-R 208 and the M1 Garand from Vanguard. The rifle heavily resembles the iconic R700 sniper from Call of Duty 4 and can take down an opponent in a single shot but its lack of mobility puts it into A-tier.

The M1 Garand comes with deadly damage but its recoil makes it very difficult to control even with a strong set of attachments equipped.

The most recent addition to A-tier is the M1916 from Season 3 of the Pacific era. Despite its high damage output, a tricky recoil pattern combined with a lack of mobility means it's good but not quite on par with the Kar98k.


Another bolt-action offering is the MK2 Carbine and while it is more mobile than the SP-R, the lack of damage output leads to regular hitmarkers appearing onto an opponent which often leads to an early trip to the Gulag.

It's a fun weapon to use but nowhere near the level of the SP-R or the Kar98k.

MK2 Carbine Warzone Marksman Rifle Tier List
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This mixture of rifles and crossbows is one that you should stay well away from if you intend on dropping any kills during a Warzone match. The unorthodox nature of the crossbows may seem appealing but there are far better options to be using.

There you have it, that's the ultimate Warzone Marksman Rifle tier list! Once Vanguard's arsenal has been integrated into the game we will update the list to see how the new additions compare against what's on offer. For more Warzone, check out the definitive AR tier list along with our page for all the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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