All Points of Interest on the Warzone Pacific Caldera Map

The start of Season 1 and the imminent launch of Warzone Pacific is right around the corner! Along with the franchise's most recent annual release, the battle royale will get a brand-new map set in the Pacific, as well as the integration of Vanguard's extensive arsenal of weaponry.

The community is patiently waiting to dive into the new map, which features fresh points of interest (POI) and new areas to explore alongside brilliant colors that stand in stark contrast to Verdansk's dark and gloomy nature. As we get closer to the launch of the brand-new Caldera map, Activision continues to reveal more about the map, including more info on the POIs. Find everything you need to know about Caldera's POIs in this guide!

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Caldera Points of Interest (POIs)

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After a sneak peek of Caldera was revealed at Vanguard's launch event, the Call of Duty Twitter account has officially revealed the first look at the new Warzone map, complete with a list of areas that will be available to explore.

Here's a full list of areas that will make up Caldera:

  • Arsenal
  • Docks
  • Runway
  • Ruins
  • Mines
  • Peak
  • Beachhead
  • Village
  • Lagoon
  • Airfield
  • Fields
  • Sub Pen
  • Power Plant
  • Capital
  • Resort

Inside each area will be a huge number of smaller POIs for players to explore. In total, it's believed that there will be over 200 POIs on Caldera, giving players plenty of choices when determining the best places to land at the start of a match.

Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Release Date

Activision has confirmed that Caldera will be available for everyone to play on December 8th, with Vanguard players getting 24 hours of early access beginning on December 7th. For more Warzone Pacific intel, check out everything you need to know about Warzone Pacific.

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