Full Warzone Pacific Caldera Map Overview Revealed

With Season 1 of Warzone Pacific right around the corner, Call of Duty has given players an all-new look at the brand-new Caldera map that will be kicking off a new era of battle royale action. While an unofficial list of the map's points of interest (POI) had been doing the rounds, the official Call of Duty Twitter account has posted the first overview of the new map, detailing several areas of the map.

The exact names for each POI weren't revealed, but the names of 15 distinct areas have been confirmed, and judging by the layout of the map, Caldera is going to be home to plenty of fast and furious action.

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Warzone Caldera Map Overview

Warzone Caldera Map
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As the image above shows, Caldera will feature a huge variety of areas, including one that contains a volcano that could easily spark massive changes to the map further down the line. Alongside the volcano, there's an airport towards the southwestern side of the island and a city at the very bottom.

As players move away from the outer edges of Caldera, the map shows plenty of open areas likely to be filled with foliage and small outbuildings containing various pieces of loot. With plenty of open spaces, Caldera could well play host to plenty of sniper rifle action.

Warzone Caldera Map Release Date

After the start of Season 1 was pushed back, Caldera will release as part of Season 1 for Warzone Pacific on December 8th, with Vanguard players getting 24 hours of early access beginning on December 7th.

When Warzone Pacific launches, where are you going to be dropping first? Let us know on Twitter! As we wait to drop, check out our Season 1 hub containing everything you need to know about the new season of Warzone!

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