Best Caldera Landing Spots For Warzone Season 2

After weeks of teasers and trailers, the launch of Season 2 for Warzone Pacific is finally here, much to the excitement of the community waiting to drop into the action. Caldera is split into 16 distinct areas, containing several points of interest that feature a range of hotly contested battlegrounds.

With so many areas ranging from an inactive volcano to an isolated fishing village on the coastline, there are plenty of landing spots for players to begin their quest for victory. With that said, here are the best Caldera landing spots to visit to get your hands on some strong early game loot as well as some kills!

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Best Caldera Map Landing Spots

Warzone Pacific Caldera Best Landing Spots
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Inside each of the 16 areas on Caldera are over 200 POIs for players to explore, meaning there are plenty of opportunities to acquire some strong loot from supply crates and buildings before the first Loadout Drop falls from the sky. After analysing all areas of the map, we've determined the best places to land along with some key areas that could allow you to score a huge number of eliminations.

Once we've dropped into Caldera for a closer look, we will add more useful landing places that could give you the upper hand in the early stages of a match.


Warzone Pacific Peak Point of Interest
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At the very centre of Caldera is the Peak, the highest point of the entire map. With plenty of vantage points, it's a great place to begin your quest for victory thanks to the wide range of available loot. The height advantage can often make the difference during a gunfight, meaning the battle to take control of the unfinished structure is often fierce.

If the outside is full of opposition, utilise the zipline to head inside the mountain to gain access to even more loot and Cash. It's usually a lot quieter inside the mountain, so you'll have plenty of time to find some solid early-game weapons before heading back out into the open. Remember to be aware of any zipline campers as you resurface!


Warzone Pacific Capital POI
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The main city of Caldera contains plenty of buildings likely to be filled with firearms and Cash to spend at Buy Stations. This combined with the fully-functioning tramway system can provide players with a quick getaway if the heat of the action becomes too hot to handle.

The possibility of a vehicle spawning in the Capital is likely to be high and with a variety of terrain to negotiate, getting hold of a truck or an all-terrain vehicle could be the difference between a smooth rotation to the next circle or an early visit to the Gulag. With so many POIs in and around Capital, we expect this particular area of the map to be a hugely popular place to land so keep your eyes and ears peeled for any suspicious activity.


Warzone Pacific Runway POI
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If Capital ends up being too overcrowded, Runway is likely to be a much quieter place to land, enabling you to build up some Cash along with getting your hands on some weaponry to deal with any potential opposition also looking for a more secluded drop. While the runway itself is going to be very difficult to cross due to a lack of cover, the rest of the area is immersed in jungle, making it very easy to evade anyone attempting to score an early kill.

Within the jungle is a command centre that could be home to more valuable items such as Killstreaks and Field Upgrades but with the possibility of high-tier loot, expect some stiff competition to make it out alive. The runway is located northeast of the island, meaning it could be a perfect position to make a rotation towards the centre of the map or stick to the edges as the circles begin to collapse.

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Warzone Pacific Mines POI
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For those looking for a compromise between the hectic, fast-paced action and a slightly slower style of play, the Mines look to provide players with the perfect place to score some early loot as well as a variety of engagement opportunities. Do you rush into the main building in a bid to catch an opponent by surprise or sit patiently on the rocky ledges and pick them off from a distance?

Those that manage to discover older parts of the mine could well be in for a surprise. The Call of Duty blog has revealed that players may "stumble across a [REDACTED] with its own [REDACTED]," implying that there are plenty of secrets to be discovered in this particular area of Caldera. The mines are located towards the northern side of the island but with plenty of ways to reach the coast and more central areas, it could be a great place to survive for the vast majority of the game.


Warzone Best Caldera Landing Spots
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Perhaps one of the more underrated landing spots in Caldera is the Ruins. Located on the western side of the map, these ancient structures are a solid choice when deciding where to jump into the action. Often filled with plenty of Supply Crates, it's very easy to build a substantial amount of Cash alongside getting your hands on some strong ground loot for the early stages of the game.

The height elevation over the Mines can be hugely advantageous, especially when the circle begins to close in and players are attempting to move to higher ground. Waiting at the top of a hill with a fully-equipped loadout is a surefire way of racking up plenty of kills.

There you have it! These are the best places to land in Warzone's Caldera map. As Season 2 progresses, we will update the guide with all the very best places to land.

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