Warzone Pacific: What Is Taskforce Trident?

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As Season 1 of Warzone Pacific approaches, the Warzone community is eager to play the brand-new Caldera map for the first time. Many gameplay changes have already been announced, with Activision's postcards continuously revealing fresh information about the map's points of interest (POI).

While many of the features have already been revealed, Activision released a new cinematic teaser on December 4th that showcases the new Operators and guns in action. Additionally, we were also introduced to Taskforce Trident for the very first time. Here’s what we know about the new group of operatives.

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Taskforce Trident Warzone

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The three new Operators expected to arrive over the course of Season 1 are members of Taskforce Trident. As the name suggests, the task force is intended to be a crucial weapon in defeating the Nazis plotting some kind of sinister scheme within the confines of Caldera.

The origins of the Taskforce Trident are currently unknown but we do know that members are under the guidance of Captain Butcher. Captain Butcher and his crew set out to determine whether the Nazi stories about the island were true. The task force leaps off the plane to fulfill the objective as Butcher diverts the damaged plane to safety.

When Will Taskforce Trident Come To Warzone?

As the Taskforce is expected to play a crucial part in the Pacific storyline, it will arrive as part of the update launching on December 8th. For more intel, check out our Vanguard and Warzone Pacific hubs containing everything you need to know about the new season!

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