Bizarre Vanguard Glitch Allows Players Under The Map

Exploits allowing players to climb underneath the map is nothing new in Call of Duty. Vanguard players have encountered numerous bugs and glitches allowing them to access areas of the map that make them invincible.

As attention turns towards the launch of Season 2.5, players continue to share their frustrations with Sledgehammer Games surrounding issues ranging from a lack of playlist variety to delays to sniper rifle buffs.

In addition to other complaints, players have discovered a game-breaking exploit allowing them under the map once again.

Vanguard Under Map Glitch
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Vanguard Under Map Glitch

Dome is one of the smaller maps in multiplayer and often plays host to chaotic action. This particular exploit allows players underneath the centre of the map with no way for opponents to counter.

It's unclear how the player managed to work his way under the map, but the lack of a counter is a huge issue for many. One commenter said it's "sad to see COD in complete shambles."

Will The Vanguard Under Map Glitch Get Fixed?

Many players are hoping this particular exploit is fixed as quickly as possible. Considering the severity of players being able to disappear under the map, it's highly likely Sledgehammer Games is working on a fix to apply as soon as possible.

The large number of maps in Vanguard is an improvement on previous titles but with some featuring major flaws, perhaps it's time to consider quality over quantity.

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