Sledgehammer Games Delays Vanguard Sniper Rifle Buff

On March 10, Sledgehammer Games shared a wealth of details arriving in a small patch for Vanguard. Throughout Season 2, players often share their frustration surrounding sniper rifles and their lack of power and it appears the developer is listening.

With the Season 2.5 update on the horizon, Sledgehammer confirmed details on drastic performance increases to the Type 99, Kar98k, and 3-Line Rifle will make their way to multiplayer.

For those expecting the changes, the developer says the changes will be pushed back until the mid-season update that's expected in a few weeks.

Vanguard Sniper Rifle Buff
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Vanguard Sniper Rifle Buff

Although the March 10 update addressed a number of bug fixes, the update didn't contain the anticipated buffs to some of the most popular weapons in the game. The developer claims not all of the balance changes "made it live."

Players were quick to notice there was no change to the performance of the aforementioned sniper rifles. Changes range from significant damage increases in addition to a reduction in flinch, enabling players to maintain accuracy when scoped in on a target.

When Will Snipers Get Buffed?

Sledgehammer Games says the balancing changes will take place alongside the launch of Season 2.5. While an exact date for the mid-season update hasn't appeared, we can expect it to appear during the week beginning on March 21. Until then, it might be best to look at using a fully equipped assault rifle to deal long-range damage.

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