Vanguard Players Demand Addition of New Playlists

Despite new playlists keeping Vanguard feeling fresh, several players are beginning to grow tired of dropping into the same modes over and over again. While Combat Pacing does add a change of pace, the lack of new modes is frustrating many as the Season 2.5 update nears.

Previous titles offered a wide variety of game modes ranging from all-out warfare on Ground War to more casual modes such as Prop Hunt and Infected.

As players patiently wait for the new Arms Race mode to launch, members of the community are asking Sledgehammer Games for more additions.

Call of Duty Vanguard More Playlists
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Vanguard New Game Modes

Vanguard released over four months ago and while the developer has implemented a range of new features, the lack of playlist variety is proving to be a pressing issue for some players. Reddit user 'tastpeppermint' says "there are not many game modes to choose from."

Many were quick to agree with the post, with one suggesting a handful of modes that should be added to improve the experience. "Bring back Demolition, Sabotage, Headquarters, and Gunfight." Playlist variety is one of many key ingredients for Call of Duty multiplayer. If the game becomes stale, interest in Vanguard drops to new lows.

Will Vanguard Get New Game Modes?

We already know that the Season 2.5 update will contain the new Arms Race mode but other than that, it's unclear as to whether multiplayer will receive an injection of new and exciting modes. Let's hope Sledgehammer intervenes with fresh content before all eyes point towards the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

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