Leak Uncovers Vanguard Ground War Game Mode

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After an initially positive reception, Vanguard players quickly uncovered various bugs and glitches negatively impacting Sledgehammer Games' latest entry into the popular shooter franchise.

With the start of Season 2 right around the corner, many members of the community are eager to find out what the developer has in store for an update set to address a wealth of problems and add a range of brand-new content.

Alongside new Operators and weapons, the hugely popular Ground War game mode is likely to return, adding a breath of fresh air into multiplayer.

Call of Duty Vanguard Ground War Game Mode
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Vanguard Ground War Game Mode

According to information discovered by 'Hydra9114', Ground War is present within Vanguard's files, suggesting a release isn't too far away. Translated from Spanish, the post reads "Ground War would be coming for season number 2 of Vanguard" alongside numerous images of a large map covered in snow.

The images above also include multiplayer map Castle along with new points of interest ranging from a supply depo to a flak tower. Ground War is a staple of the franchise, providing players with large-scale battlegrounds and huge teams for all-out warfare. The mode returned in 2019's Modern Warfare but wasn't included with Vanguard at launch.

When Does Ground War Come To Vanguard?

Ground War is expected to arrive as part of the Season 2 update that will go live on February 14 following a short delay to allow Sledgehammer Games to address various issues with Vanguard. Its addition will provide players with a great alternative to the three sets of Combat Pacing currently available.

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