Vanguard Player Turns Invincible After Teleporting

As Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard nears its end, players are still discovering numerous bugs and glitches that have a drastic impact on multiplayer.

Ranging from off-centred optics to a lack of aim assist, Vanguard has its fair share of problems that partly contributed to the delay of Season 2.

With players hoping Sledgehammer Games has addressed these issues ahead of the upcoming season, one player in particular has uncovered a bug that turns them invisible after mysteriously teleporting across the map.

Vanguard Teleport Invincible Glitch
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Vanguard Invincible Teleport Glitch

In a Reddit post published on February 4, user 'andata118' showcased a clip of them battling it out on Decoy. To their surprise, the player teleported across the map before encountering a group of opponents that were unable to kill them.

After unleashing a barrage of gunfire, the enemies quickly realised that they couldn't score the kill, players stared at the unkillable player in disbelief. "I don't think you teleported," claimed one player but they couldn't "explain the god mode."

Will The Vanguard Invincible Glitch Get Fixed?

Considering Sledgehammer Games has additional time ahead of Season 2, there's every chance the developer has addressed the problem that will no longer appear once the update goes live. Despite Vanguard's issues, it's clear to see the developer is intent on improving the game for players to enjoy throughout another season of content.

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