Players Claim Vanguard Camo Progression Needs Overhaul

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Completing a variety of challenges to unlock new weapon camouflages is nothing new in Call of Duty multiplayer. For Vanguard, numerous issues with camos have impacted players leaving them unable to unlock some of the rarest camos in multiplayer.

As the start of Season 2.5 nears, Sledgehammer Games has addressed numerous issues to the game despite postponing an upcoming buff to sniper rifles.

Despite the best efforts of the developer, players continue to express their frustrations. Some members of the community have suggested a brand-new camo progression system overhauling the current model.

Call of Duty Vanguard Multiplayer Camos
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Vanguard Camo Progression

For several years, players have to complete a number of challenges to earn camos for each weapon in the arsenal. The structure has remained the same since Black Ops 2, leading to Reddit user 'DanHarkinz' suggesting ways to innovate the system.

The user mentions the possibility of a system from the first Black Ops game returning. Players could earn COD Points in matches to purchase a variety of cosmetic items including weapon camos rather than having to complete elaborate challenges. In addition, Dan mentions that only players that reach 14th Prestige were eligible for the coveted gold camo, resulting in a huge reward for grinding to the top.

The post gained plenty of support. One user claimed players "should be able to complete camo challenges by just naturally using the weapons."

Will Modern Warfare 2 Have Camo Progression?

It's unlikely Sledgehammer Games will overhaul Vanguard's current camo progression but there's every chance Infinity Ward is considering a new system for players to get their hands on some unique designs. A lot can change but it's clear players want some form of change.

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