How To Fix Visibility in Vanguard Multiplayer

As Season 1 of Warzone Pacific and Call of Duty Vanguard approaches, the build-up to Call of Duty's adventure to the Pacific begins to take shape, much to the delight of the community. While most of the focus is on Warzone as it enters a new phase with the introduction of the Caldera map, Vanguard players can expect new weapons and Operators in multiplayer.

With the Secrets of the Pacific event being disabled by the Sledgehammer Games, players are also requesting the developer to address the visibility issues that have plagued the game since its launch. Fortunately, there are a few workarounds until a permanent fix is applied. Here is how to fix visibility issues in Call of Duty Vanguard.

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How To Increase Vanguard Visibility

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In Vanguard, there is a simple way to increase visibility. Players simply need to go to the Settings and change the Color Filter to Filter 2. Here’s a step by step guide to switch on the filter.

  • Upon launching the game, enter the Settings.
  • Click on the Graphics tab.
  • Find the option “Color Customization” under the Gameplay section.
  • Select Filter 2 in the Color Filter option.

Reddit user ‘SD456’ provided information on the difference between enabling FidelityFX CAS in Vanguard and using the above setting.

“Fidelity CAS is basically a more advanced sharpening filter. You can read more about this here. The color filter or, more accurately, color grading just changes the balance of colors, thus making the visibility better in some cases. Also, if you mess something up, you can always disable these or restore the default settings,” they said.

Will Visibility Change in Vanguard Affect the Gameplay?

This is a simple tweak provided in the game menu itself to improve the image. This does not affect the gameplay whatsoever and can be reverted back to normal with a couple of clicks. If anything, seeing the enemies in front of you will result in better decision-making and your aim being more precise.

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