All Secrets of the Pacific Challenges in Vanguard

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As Season 1 for Call of Duty Vanguard approaches, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software have joined forces to host the Secrets of the Pacific, a limited-time event that will allow players to uncover more information on the new Caldera Warzone map and give them the chance to earn some exclusive cosmetics to use in multiplayer.

While the event may focus more on the huge changes taking place in Warzone, the event is still a great opportunity to get your hands on some cool Calling Cards and stickers to equip onto your weapon of choice. With that said, here are all of the Secrets of the Pacific challenges in Vanguard.

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Vanguard Secrets of the Pacific Challenges

Vanguard Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenges
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Like Warzone, there are a total of six challenges to complete in Vanguard multiplayer. Many of them are much simpler than the challenge requirements in the battle royale, meaning that they are very straightforward to complete. Here's a complete list of event challenges:

  • Mission #001 - Get 25 Eliminations.
  • Mission #002 - Get 5 Multikills
  • Mission #003 - Perform 1 Finishing Move
  • Mission #004 - Vote for Team MVP in 10 matches.
  • Mission #005 - Play matches with another member of your Clan 5 times
  • Mission #006 - Get 3 wins

How To Unlock Bomber Menace Blueprint

Once the six challenges have been completed, players can get their hands on the Epic 'Bomber Menace' assault rifle blueprint. The weapon will be available to use when Season 1 gets underway at the beginning of December.

There you have it! That's all of the Secrets of the Pacific challenges in Call of Duty Vanguard multiplayer. For more Vanguard news, check out everything you need to know about Season 1, including all of the Operators and weapons expected to arrive into the game.

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