Amazon Leaks Modern Warfare 2 Beta Start Date

Modern Warfare 2 soldier holding gun and standing in front of smoke
Credit: Activision

Although there's still a few months of the Vanguard cycle remaining, attention is already focusing on the launch of Modern Warfare 2.

Thanks to the worldwide reveal, Infinity Ward continues to share information on various elements of the game ranging from the single-player campaign, multiplayer, and an all-new AI.

With some players looking for intel on what the multiplayer beta has in store, it appears online retailer Amazon has accidentally revealed the start date of the early access much to the excitement of fans.

Modern Warfare 2 Beta Start Date Leaked

Notable leaker Tom Henderson bought it to the attention of the community following a number of eagle-eyed players spotting it on Amazon's US page for Modern Warfare 2's cross-gen bundle.

Although the bundle will cost $70 (£69.99), the item description shares information on the beta start date.

"Pre-order Call of Duty Modern Warfare II for any platform by August 15, 2022, to unlock early access to the Call of Duty Modern warfare Open Beta. Must be shipped and sold by Amazon. Codes will be sent on August 15."

August 15 falls on a Monday which is an unlikely date for a Call of Duty beta to begin. Instead, it's likely it could begin within that particular week. Typically taking place on a weekend, we could see the Modern Warfare 2 beta launching on either August 18 or August 19.

As always, take leaks with a pinch of salt until official information from Infinity Ward and Activision appears. Although it's a leak, an August beta sounds about right considering the full game's October release date.

Those looking forward to multiplayer will see a new Gunsmith alongside new destruction elements following Infinity Ward's decision to scrap Vanguard's destruction system.

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