Modern Warfare 2 2022 beta end date, platforms, and more

Image of Modern Warfare Operator holding AK47
Credit: Activision

Image of Modern Warfare Operator holding AK47
Credit: Activision

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September 26, 2022: The second Modern Warfare 2 beta weekend is coming to an end.

Check out our guide showcasing the best Modern Warfare 2 guns and scroll down for all the latest intel you need for the final few hours!

The hype surrounding the launch of Modern Warfare 2 is building ahead of its hotly anticipated release.

Infinity Ward's sequel to 2019's Modern Warfare claims to be a "new era" for the Call of Duty franchise and as leaks surrounding the game's DMZ mode and multiplayer Perk system emerge, fans are turning their attention to the Modern Warfare 2 beta release date.

The beta acts as a chance for players to experience the game ahead of launch. It also provides developers with valuable feedback to iron out any potential bugs and glitches before the final build launches. With that said, find everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 2 beta in our hub containing the latest intel.

Will Modern Warfare 2 have a beta?

Yes! The beta will take place shortly before the full game releases in October. Just like the previous betas, there are two weekends for players to get their hands on an early build of the game before its full launch. Oh, and here's a full list of the MW2 beta rewards.

Image showing the Modern Warfare 2 beta rewards
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Credit: Activision

Modern Warfare 2 beta download size

With the Modern Warfare 2 beta only being a small portion of the full game, there's a high chance of it not taking up too much hard drive space.

After downloading the PS5 version of the beta, you'll need 27 GB of hard drive space. Once we hear more about the download size for other platforms, we will update the hub with the latest intel.

When can I download the Modern Warfare 2 beta?

Activision says players can preload the beta ahead of the opening weekend starting from Wednesday, September 14. Once you've entered the code, check out our Modern Warfare 2 preload guide to download it as fast as possible.

Modern Warfare 2 beta release date

As expected, there are two weekends of the Modern Warfare 2 beta. Here are all the dates you need to know:

Weekend one - PlayStation exclusive

  • Early access (Those with a beta code) - September 16-17, 2022
  • Open beta (Open for all PlayStation users) - September 18-20, 2022

Weekend two - Open for all

  • PC and Xbox early access (Open beta for PS) - September 22-23, 2022
  • Open beta: September 24-26, 2022

Modern Warfare 2 beta content

So far, Infinity Ward has confirmed the Mercado Las Almas and the Valderas Museum maps are available to play in the Modern Warfare 2 beta

Other than the maps, there's no indication as to what other content will feature during the beta.

As we head nearer to the Modern Warfare 2 release date, we expect to hear plenty more information so be sure to bookmark this page and check back regularly for the latest intel.

Modern Warfare 2 beta sign ups

With the beta right around the corner, those lucky enough to receive a code through a drop or by pre-ordering the game can already redeem it so they're prepared for the beta's launch.

To redeem a code, head to the Modern Warfare 2 beta page and click on the 'Redeem Code' button. Once there, log into your Activision account and enter the code. You can choose which platform you want to play the beta on but bear in mind that the first weekend is open exclusively to PlayStation users.

Modern Warfare 2 beta end date

With the first weekend winding down, Infinity Ward will switch off the Modern Warfare 2 beta servers before the start of weekend two. The first weekend comes to an end on September 20, 2022, while the second weekend comes to an end on September 26, 2022.

That's all there is to know about the Modern Warfare 2 beta. While we wait for more news, check out our guides showcasing a Modern Warfare 2 gun list alongside all there is to know about the perks appearing in the game.

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