Leak Uncovers Details On Modern Warfare 2 Perk System

The arrival of Perks in Call of Duty 4 redefined how players could fine-tune their loadouts to suit their style of play. Since 2007, the in-game benefits have appeared in every annual release.

Official details surrounding Modern Warfare 2 haven't appeared yet, but the next title has already caught the attention of the community following Vanguard's mixed reception.

With leaks surrounding the return of classic Perks returning as Field Upgrades doing the rounds, further leaks claim Infinity Ward is changing the Perk system to allow further customisation options when building a loadout.

Modern Warfare 2 Perk Changes
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Modern Warfare 2 Perk Changes

In a string of Tweets published on March 13, 'TheGhostOfHope,' Modern Warfare 2 will allow players to choose a total of four Perks rather than selecting a combination of three. In addition, the leaker also claims there are ten Perks to choose from in the Perk 1 slot, allowing plenty of choices.

The leaker claims players can choose two Perks from the first category followed by one from the other two. "The first column is more of choosing your playstyle," states Hope. In previous games, players have had the ability to select up to six Perks in a single loadout thanks to Wildcards but this change suggests four Perks is the new standard.

Will Modern Warfare 2 Have Dead Silence?

Dead Silence is arguably the most popular Perk in the entire Call of Duty franchise. The arrival of Field Upgrades saw Dead Silence disappear as a Perk but with an extra slot available in Modern Warfare 2, there's a chance it could well return as a Perk rather than a Field Upgrade.

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