Infinity Ward Shares Details on Modern Warfare 2 AI

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Image of two soldiers in Modern Warfare 2
Credit: Activision

Artificial intelligence (AI) often features within shooter titles, especially in the single-player modes. Following the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward has revealed AI has received an overhaul in order to improve realism and add new levels of immersion.

The reveal gives fans the first look at Task Force 141 in action in an all-new single-player campaign packed with action.

Alongside revealing Ricochet anti-cheat will appear at launch in addition to future titles using exactly the same game engine, the developer claims Modern Warfare 2 AI is more deadly than ever.

Modern Warfare 2 To Feature Reworked AI

In a CharlieINTEL report, Infinity Ward says it gathered inspiration for AI movements from airsoft players and how they attempt to evade cover, enter buildings, and more.

Armed with inspiration from airsoft players, the developer crafted AI that's completely aware of the surrounding area and that will take cover when its life comes under threat.

Mark Grigsby, animation director at Infinity Ward says Modern Warfare 2 AI feels like "natural human people who are nervous about their lives," creating a new level of realism.

Previous AI in Call of Duty is extremely easy to deal with, even on Veteran and Realism difficulties. The additional realism will make the single-player story much more of a challenge.

Infinity Ward also says AI will appear in every mode including Warzone 2. Could empty multiplayer lobbies feature bots for the first time?

The developer confirms it has tested Modern Warfare 2 AI in large-scale gameplay where 100 live players drop into the action against and alongside 300 AI, suggesting there's plenty of scope for the innovative AI.

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