Modern Warfare 2 Will Not Feature Vanguard Destruction

Image of Modern Warfare 2 soldiers standing in front of fire
Credit: Activision

The topic of destruction in Call of Duty games often causes debate within the community. Some players like the idea of creating new lines of sight by breaking certain walls while others enjoy more solid map design.

Sledgehammer Games included new elements of destruction in Vanguard ranging from wooden barriers and glass windows that slowly disappeared during a match.

Following the worldwide reveal of Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward is sharing more details on what multiplayer has to offer. Alongside a new Gunsmith system, the developer is scrapping Vanguard destruction elements in favour of a new approach.

Modern Warfare 2 Contains New Destruction Elements

In a GamesBeat interview during a Modern Warfare 2 media event, Infinity Ward game director Jack O'Hara says multiplayer will "dial back" on environmental destruction which is great news for those that still struggle to break a barricade in Vanguard.

"We're definitely dialling back in multiplayer," states O'Hara to GamesBeat. "We like a little more consistency. We'd love to go to a world where everything is destructible, but from a design language perspective, it just gets a lot more complex."

While the wooden barriers won't make a return in Modern Warfare 2, O'Hara says multiplayer will contain some damage to show the aftermath of a gunfight but it won't impact gameplay.

Although destruction is toned down in multiplayer, Infinity Ward clarifies that the single-player campaign will feature large-scale destruction in certain missions.

Image showing Modern Warfared 2 soldier standing in front of fire and smoke
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Credit: Activision

The possibility of adjusting levels of destruction depending on game mode is an interesting prospect. A recent leak claims Modern Warfare 2 will feature a map editor, allowing players to change everything from spawn locations to the location of buildings. Perhaps destruction is adjustable too.

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