Gunsmith Returning in Modern Warfare 2

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 soldier holding gun
Credit: Activision

Customising weapons in Call of Duty multiplayer is nothing new. Players always look for the best combination of attachments and thanks to the Gunsmith, there are plenty to choose from.

With the Modern Warfare 2 reveal trailer out in the open, Infinity Ward is sharing more intel on what the next chapter of multiplayer has to offer. So far, all-new AI could feature alongside Ricochet anti-cheat that will appear as soon as the servers are switched on.

Alongside the new features, the Gunsmith will return to Modern Warfare 2 with some new innovations.

Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith Features

The Modern Warfare 2 Gunsmith will bear several similarities to what's already on offer within Vanguard multiplayer. Players can choose from a more diverse range of attachment types, providing even more customisation opportunities.

The exact number of attachments for each weapon hasn't appeared yet but we can expect a wide variety so players can adapt guns to suit their style of play. It's believed that the total number of attachments to select on a gun is lower than ten.

The most significant change to the Gunsmith comes from attachment tuning.

Image showing Modern Warfare 2 soldier holding gun in front of smoke
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Credit: Activision

Players can fine-tune attachments to suit their style of play even further than before. For example, if a barrel increases damage output but increases vertical recoil, players can adjust the damage and recoil levels.

To use the feature, players will need to reach a specific weapon rank to add even more detail to their loadouts.

Modern Warfare 2 Default Loadouts

In addition to attachment tuning, Infinity Ward is changing how default loadouts work in the early stages of Modern Warfare 2. Players will have six loadouts to choose based on three different styles of play: Stalker, Sentinel, and Rusher.

Rusher loadouts suit aggressive play while Sentinel loadouts are for those that prefer to value their life instead of running into the action. Lastly, Stalker loadouts are geared toward players that enjoy playing the objective in addition to planning their next moves in advance.

With plenty more customisation in the Gunsmith, there's huge opportunities to build the ultimate Modern Warfare 2 loadout. While we wait to hear more, check out our page for the latest news, leaks, and guides.

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