Asim Claims Clayster "Quit" New York Subliners

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On July 19th, legendary Call of Duty player James 'Clayster' Eubanks announced that he would be taking a step back from competitive Call of Duty, much to the surprise of other players and the often-vocal community. Having cited mental health reasons behind his shock departure from the New York Subliners, the COD veteran didn't confirm when he would be making a return to competitive action.

With many reaching out to show support for Clayster's decision, it turns out that there could be more to the story than meets the eye after former teammate Obaid 'Asim' Asim has suggested that there may be another reason behind his absence, much to the surprise of the community.


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Why Did Clayster Leave The New York Subliners?

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From an outside perspective, Clayster taking a step back from competing to prioritise his mental health is a decision that many can get behind, especially when competing at the highest level can put immense amounts of pressure onto players. In the wake of his absence, the Subliners managed to defeat the Paris Legion but were defeated by the Atlanta FaZe at the Seattle Home Series.


On The Flank podcast hosted by former Subliners player Thomas 'ZooMaa' Paparatto, the topic of Clayster's departure arouse again, and at one point, Ian 'Enable' Wyatt defended his former teammate by saying "I don't think Clay might've just quit on them, just doesn't seem right at all."

Despite Enable backing up what many think, Asim claims that Clayster quitting on the rest of the team is "exactly what happened."

"That's exactly what it was Ian," Asim stated in The Flank's Twitch chat.

If Asim is suggesting that Clayster has quit just a few weeks before the final Major and the season-ending Playoffs, there could be some major inter-team turmoil within the Subliners camp. Accusations of this nature could spell disaster ahead of two huge tournaments that could make or break New York's Black Ops Cold War season. Clayster is no stranger to overcoming the odds that have been stacked against them, so there's every chance he could well return to the starting line-up for a chance to be the first player to win four world championships.

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