How the Battlefield 2042 Plus Menu Works

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Battlefield 2042 has had a problematic launch period, but the Plus Menu is one of the strong points for us. We’ve already seen how the game’s semi-futuristic setting has made for some interesting weapons and the Battlefield 2042 specialists who have replaced the class specialisations, but the Plus Menu might need a bit of an explainer. Well then, here's the lowdown!

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What Does The Plus Menu Do In Battlefield 2042?

It’s a pretty cool feature, as the Plus Menu will let fans customize weapons while on the battlefield.

Players no longer have to die and respawn in order to customize their weapons from the spawn menu. You choose the attachments to add to your Plus Menu when spawning in, and then have completely free access to them whenever you want.

You can also swap weapon attachments on the fly while playing, which is great for those that are caught in a pickle and need to pick a different loadout on the run.

It's a pretty solid feature so far. The Plus Menu an intuitive, simple, and useful way of switching your loadout on the fly, and one we haven't seen in most games of its type.

In fact, why not check out some of our loadouts? They all use the Plus Menu so you can try it yourself. We have all sorts, including the LCMG, PBX-45, and M5A3 amongst others!

How to access the Plus Menu

You can access the plus menu easily in Battlefield 2042. On controller, it's mapped to L1 or LB, whilst on keyboard, you'll find it by holding the T key.

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