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What Is The Robot Dog In Battlefield 2042?

In the first Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer, a robot dog was seen fighting with infantry units. More than just providing scouting and support, the robot dog was also outfitted with firearms to join the battle too. What is this dog seen in Battlefield 2042?

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Dog In Trailer

As seen early in the trailer, the robot dog was airdropped into the fight that a squad was fleeing away from. The dog proceeds to run into an engagement where soldiers are trading fire. The trailers cuts to a different scene and the robot dog isn’t seen again.

In the history of EA’s Battlefield titles, attack dogs are a rare sight to see in battle. Potentially, Battlefield 2042 could be the first title to get an attack dog weapon to use in fights.

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Potential Specialist Tool

EA has yet to officially confirm how players can use the robot attack dogs in Battlefield 2042. The official site for the game confirms that players can choose Specialists who offer unique tools in battle as their character in matches. Potentially, EA may reveal a Specialist who can specifically call down these robot attack dogs and use them in battle.

In other first person shooters, attack dogs are often uncontrollable allies who enter the fight and hunt down any opposing soldier they can fight. Enemies must kill the dog on sight as their bites and lunges immediately kill any enemy it touches. As Battlefield 2042 features a small mounted turret and cameras, it could potentially be for recon with a way to defend itself if need be.


Leaks Says Dog Is A Vehicle

According to known leaker Tom Henderson, the Battlefield 2042 dog is also more than assisting ally roaming around with the player. The dog could also be a vehicle where a player can ride it in battle. We’ll have to wait for more info from EA if this proves to be true.

EA is slated to have a Battlefield 2042 reveal this July at EA Play. It’s possible we'll hear more information about the robot dog in that reveal.

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