15 Sep 2021 1:12 PM +00:00

Battlefield 2042 LCMG Customisation Options Leaked

Battlefield 2042's weapon customisation options already look like some pretty strong options. Each of the Battlefield 2042 guns will have a different combination of attachments you can equip from the Plus Menu, and we'll be keeping track on which ones are the best for you to use as time goes on.

For now, here's what we know about the LCMG customisation options, which were revealed through datamining.

LCMG Customisation Options Revealed

Thanks to dataminer Temporyal for diving into the Battlefield 2042 playtest files and finding all manner of goodies for us to get excited about.

Check out Temporyal's intel on what attachments are going to be available for the LCMG, also known in real life as the Knight's Armament Company Light Assault Machine Gun.


It looks like you'll be able to access the Plus Menu during the match and use whichever attachment is right for the situation you're in. So, maybe if you're about to infiltrate a building under cover, you might want to switch to a Covered Suppressor, whilst when attacking a point in a bombastic squad, a Grenade Launcher might be better. We'll learn more once the Battlefield 2042 open beta launches, of course!

For your convenience, here's all the attachments available on the LCMG that we know about so far. We'll give you the best build as soon as we know more before you hop into all the Battlefield 2042 maps.


  • Factory Barrel
  • Extended Barrel


  • Armageddon CompTek
  • Taccom 2 Port
  • Victory Turbine


  • 5KU KAC
  • Covered Suppressor
  • Surefire Warden


  • BCM Vertical
  • Cobra Vertical
  • HFGA Multi


  • Light Extended
  • Medium
  • Medium Extended
  • Heavy
  • Armor-Piercing
  • Subsonic


  • FastFire (Reflex)
  • ROMEO8T (Reflex)
  • ROMEO5XDR (Reflex)
  • Vortex Razor (Reflex)
  • 1P78 (Zoom)
  • Hybrid HAMR (Zoom)
  • Sig BRAV04 (Zoom)
  • Specter DR (Zoom)
  • Strike Eagle (Zoom)
  • Vector Talos (Zoom)


  • Shotgun
  • Bipod
  • X300 Weapon Light
  • LaserSpeed Laser
  • Grenade Launcher (Smoke, explosive, or armour-piercing)

Remember, this info is just what's been gleaned from Temporyal! We haven't had EA DICE confirm the LCMG's customisation options. Rest assured, we'll have it all laid out for you so you can dominate in all the Battlefield 2042 game modes including Hazard Zone and rank up that battle pass as quickly as possible.