What are Class Specialisations in Battlefield Portal?

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The Battlefield Portal shows flowcharts when players edit aspects of the game.
Credit: EA
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The Battlefield 2042 Specialists system has replaced class specialisations in the latest iteration of the game, but that doesn't mean there's no chance for the system to return in the Battlefield Portal, the crossover sandbox which allows players to use assets and gear from games across the Battlefield franchise.

It has been confirmed in a Battlefield Portal briefing that old-school class specialisations will be coming back to Portal. Class specialisations are the old way you used to differentiate your character in Battlefield, with specific roles, gadgets, and traits designed for specific classes.


Here are all the traits for each class specialisation:

Battlefield 1942

  • Assault - Heightened Senses: Reveal nearby enemy soldiers on the minimap for your squad
  • Medic - Surplus: Deploy up to three medkits at a time
  • Engineer - Minesweeper: Spot nearby enemy gadgets
  • Scout - Counter Recon: Enemies that damage you are shown on the minimap
  • Anti-Tank - Resourceful: Slowly resupply launcher ammo over time

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

  • Assault - Grenade Vest: Increases carry capacity of throwable grenades by 1 and underbarrel grenade launchers by double
  • Medic - Medkit Improved Range: Medkit healing range is doubled
  • Engineer - Explosives Leg Pouch: Doubles carry capacity of all explosive gadgets except grenades
  • Recon - Sniper Spotting Scope: Automatically spots enemies inside scope view when using 5x scopes or higher

Battlefield 3

  • Assault - Frag: Increases carry capacity of throwable grenades by 1 and underbarrel grenade launchers by double
  • Support - Sprint: Increased sprint speed
  • Engineer - Flak: Increased resistance to explosive splash damage
  • Recon - Ammo: Doubles carry capacity of both primary and secondary ammo

Of course, there's more to come with class specialisations in Battlefield Portal, but in the meantime why not do some research into other aspects of the game? We have all the best guns in Battlefield 2042 for your consideration, and even some advice on Portal's fellow newcomer: Hazard Zone!