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Battlefield 6 LEAKS: Release Date, Trailer, News, Setting, Crossplay, Vietnam, Teasers And Everything We Know

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Battlefield 6 is the next iteration in the franchise and it looks set for a 2021 release date.


Rumoured to be an all-out military warfare experience, with more players than ever before, it's an exciting time for EA and DICE.

"Leaks" and news suggest the game may borrow inspiration from Battlefield 3, once of the more popular games in the series to date.

While there's a lot still to be discovered, we've got plenty of information for you.

Here's what we know about Battlefield 6.

Latest News

Launching On Game Pass? - 6th April

Ok, file this under "rumour", but TheXboxEra podcast hosts Shpeshal Ed and Jon Clarke discussed the possibility of Battlefield 6 launch on Game Pass.

“There is a third party, Triple-A, first-person shooter that is very highly likely to be launching in Game Pass this fall," Ed explains, with Clarke suggesting that it's either CoD (highly unlikely), or BF6 (still tough to imagine, but tied to Game Pass through EA Play already).

Check out the episode below:


Building Damage Isn't Limited To Explosions - 1st April

@_Tom_Henderson_ has stated that explosions aren't the only thing that can cause buildings to topple, he suggests that "Mother Nature" will cause damage.

He then links to natural causes such as Tsunamis, Hurricanes and Volcanoes.

Leaker Clarifies USA vs Russia Details - 1st April

@_Tom_Henderson_ has clarified the situation where many believe it is USA vs Russia and you are playing as one of these nations. In fact, you are playing as neither.

"You are NOT playing as USA or Russia, you're playing as a specialist unit that's comprised of the fallen nations (so other nations that are not USA/Russia), but your unit is hired by those two superpowers."

Fresh Details - 30th March


According to longtime leaker Tom Henderson, the next Battlefield title, simply called 'BATTLEFIELD' will be a sequel to Battlefield 4.

It'll also feature soldiers from "other fallen superpowers that are not USA/Russia".

Free to Play and Weapon Blueprints - 27th March

EA are currently looking into certian features that could be added to Battlefield 6. These features are dependant on player interest, but clearly EA are moving in the right direction withtheir next title. 

Features like Free to Play or Weapon Blueprints (Similar to Warzone and BOCW) are being considered for DICE's next venture.

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Fans also shared their interest in a Battle Pass system in BF6. This would allow players to grind towards new skins and cosmetics every few months.

Release Date


The game is set to launch Holiday 2021 with rumours it may arrive around the November period.

The game is set to be revealed in Spring 2021.


While there's no official trailer, there is a teaser demonstrating some of the ambitions for the new title and what we can expect.


The game launch on Xbox Series X and PS5, as well as the PC.

EA claim that the game will take "full advantage of the power of next-generation platforms to bring massive, immersive battles to life".

Despite the limitations, Henderson also added that a dedicated section of the DICE studio is working on the current-gen version of the game in order to ensure an incredible game is released.


The new title will release on PS4 and Xbox One consoles but with limited features.

The game will only contain 32v32 game modes and limited destruction in comparison to its next-gen and PC counterpart.


Expect the game to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as PC as a fully priced retail title – so likely around £50 - £60.


The prospect of even bigger maps arriving on Battlefield 6 is a rumour that has been discussed for several months. 

Thanks to Tom Henderson's January 17th upload, he reveals that DICE has designed the maps with a total of 128 players on the map, suggesting 64v64 combat could be on the horizon.

Battlefield is known for bringing back old maps, so what maps could we see return?

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Notorious industry leaker Tom Henderson has revealed that Battlefield 6 is likely to feature a modern setting.

This was almost solidified in the recent EA Earnings Call where it was announced that the game will "mark a return to all-out military warfare".

He has since noted that the game will be a sequel to 2013's Battlefield 4, with a near-future setting.

There's no real precedent as to the game's naming conventions and when it'll be set. For example, Battlefield V was set during World War 2, but the game before it (Battlefield 1) was set in World War 1.

A return to modern combat could be long overdue, with the last present-day entry, Battlefield 4, being a launch game for the last console generation.

In a statement to IGN, EA assured that fans will “be getting a new DICE Battlefield game next year: ‘Longer term, the studio is focused on the future of Battlefield that we’ll be bringing to players in 2021.’”

Of course, there's always the possibility the next entry won't be a mainline entry and could be another instalment of the popular Bad Company subfranchise. These offer more light-hearted campaigns set in the present day, while still offering a full multiplayer experience.

For now, rumours are circulating that the game could return to Modern times. Other murmurs are suggesting a return to Vietnam is on the cards - a very popular DLC that arrived in Bad Company 2.


According to leaks, the game will feature a "revolutionary" campaign, with players taking control of a specialist team with options to fight on the side of the USA or Russia.

Battle Royale


With the battle royale genre still proving immensely popular and with the disappointment of Battlefield: Firestorm, will there be a BR in Battlefield 6?

According to Tom Henderson, DICE was working on a battle royale, but it is unclear as to whether the development has ceased. 

Considering the incredible success of Call of Duty: Warzone, releasing a Battlefield equivalent would make a lot of sense for EA. 

A Battlefield 6 BR being included when the game releases is unlikely but one releasing further down the line isn't out of the question.


Taking a look back at Battlefield V, the game, unfortunately, does not support crossplay. This means that PC players cannot get into the same lobbies as console players and vice versa.

It is unknown why DICE and EA have been so hesitant to implement crossplay within the series. Fans have asked for cross-console matchmaking for quite some time now but to no action from the developers.

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