Battlefield 2042: Latest News, Walkthrough, & Guides

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Battlefield 2042 is finally upon us. With cross-play available for next-gen consoles, Hazard Zone bringing a brand new dimension to proceedings, and Battlefield Portal ensuring infinite replayability, the sky’s the limit for EA’s military shooter. After the game's launch, we've already seen some patch notes for improvements to the game.

We have all manner of Battlefield 2042 content available - it's been a great journey through the access period so far and we've already figured out the best guns in Battlefield 2042. There's a whole lot to discuss when it comes to Battlefield 2042, so here’s everything we’ve gathered about the game thus far, from the release date and time countdown to the latest news and leaks.

Latest Battlefield 2042 News and Rumors

November 25 2021

Interested in the latest Battlefield 2042 updates? Check out our handy page on all the Battlefield 2042 patch notes to see exactly what's changing and when.

November 23 2021

Battlefield 2042 is out, and we've been getting deep into the game to figure out tips and tricks. We have specific loadouts, like the PP-29 and M5A3, as well as advice on how to get yourself some Dark Market Credits in Hazard Zone.

November 12 2021

Early Access is available for Battlefield 2042! It's time to jump in and check out all our constantly-updating guides, from the best guns and best specialists to which Hazard Zone squads you should pick.

November 8 2021

We have had the release time of Battlefield 2042 confirmed, as well as pre-load times for all consoles. The early access launch time is as follows for various time zones:

  • 12 am PT
  • 2 am CDMX
  • 3 am ET
  • 5 am BRST
  • 8 am GMT
  • 9 am CET
  • 4 pm HKT
  • 7 pm ACT

If you have already pre-ordered, pre-load times can be found below:

  • Xbox Series X|S / Xbox One: Nov 6, 7 am UTC (Pre-load NOW)
  • PS5 / PS4: Nov 10, from Midnight local time
  • PC: Nov 10, 10 am UTC

November 4 2021

A brand new rundown has been released about Battlefield Portal - check out our explanation on what it all means!

November 1 2021

Nvidia launched a trailer showcasing ray-tracing in Battlefield 2022, as well as detailing other advantages PC players with fancy setups can expect when playing Battlefield 2042.

October 28 2021

A new gameplay video dropped featuring Battlefield 2042 maps we hadn't seen much of previously. These maps are Renewal, Breakaway, and Discarded.

October 27 2021

Battlefield Portal will include class specialisations, just like in previous series instalments. This will be welcome news to the fans who aren't into the new Specialists in the game.

October 22 2021

Battlefield 2042 is making big changes after the open beta. Complaints from fans built up over the beta period so we're going to see all kinds of tweaks to the game, from performance to movement.

October 21 2021

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect had some concerns about Battlefield 2042's chances of success given Hazard Zone's number of players and the size of the maps they'll be played on.

October 13 2021

Dr Disrespect prefers Battlefield 2042 over Halo Infinite, according to a clip from his Twitch. We'll see which gets the most attention as time goes on and they both release.

October 12 2021

EA sent fans surveys after the Battlefield 2042 open beta. It seems they're keen to take on any and all feedback when it comes to Battlefield 2042's release, so we're excited to see how it pans out at launch.

Also, an insider to the making of Battlefield 2042 has claimed that it has faced a 'troubled' development period.

October 11 2021

Battlefield 2042 fans are unhappy about "missing" features in the open beta. Since this revelation, it has been stated that the team has made improvements already, and will hopefully be fine by launch.

October 8 2021

Battlefield 2042's beta is available to play for all platforms for people with early access right now. That means EA Play members, and pre-orderers. Head over to our Battlefield 2042 beta overview page to see when it's coming to open access, or check out our Battlefield 2042 impressions piece for more information on what we think of the game.

October 7 2021

The Battlefield 2042 open beta was subject to cheats before it came out of early access. Cheat manufacturers were able to find Battlefield 2042 hacks after just a day of early beta access. Have a look at an interview we conducted with the makers of cheats on why they do it for a bit more context.

September 20 2021

After the initial delay, many fans were wondering when the Battlefield 2042 Early Access date would be since a new one wasn't announced right away.

Thankfully, Community Manager Adam Freeman confirmed that the Battlefield 2042 Early Access date will now be on November 12, one week before the game officially comes out.

September 15 2021

EA Dice announced Battlefield 2042 is delayed until November 19. The studio said pandemic-related challenges and workflow interruptions meant they need a bit of extra time to finish polishing the game and will take that extra month to do so. There's no word yet on what this might mean for demos or betas, but another update will happen later this month, DICE said.

September 13 2021

After some initial leaks, EA has officially released the Battlefield 2042 Soundtrack composed by Hildur Guðnadóttir and Sam Slater.

Though the official release is still slated for September 22, the full OST is available for listening on Spotify, Apple Music, and other platforms.

September 9 2021

Temporyal has datamined some of the Battlefield 2042 aircraft loadouts for the game's Planes and Helicopters, which players can check out in the tweet below.

Also, dataminers who took part in the Technical Playtest were able to find out how many Battlefield 2042 Vehicles there will be in the game.

July 22 2021

Insider Tom Henderson claimed that Battlefield 2042 would have a ton of post-launch content, claiming that each season would come with new maps, weapons, and specialists, among other things.

While EA and Ripple Effect have confirmed post-launch content, the details on the DLC have yet to be revealed.

Here's what's been listed by Henderson thus far:

  • 1 Specialist
  • 2 New Maps
  • 2 Portal Maps
  • Hazard Zone Update (Story-driven)
  • 6-8 New Weapons (for each mode)
  • 2-3 New Vehicles (for each mode)
  • 100 Season Tiers

July 14 2021

DICE's latest blog post reveals that the game's technical playtest is being moved to allow for cross-play and cross-progression to be built in, as well as a closer look at the game's specialists, maps, vehicles and AI troops.

Find out more here.

July 1 2021

DICE, we know the game is supposed to be uber-serious - but give us some of that trademark Battlefield silliness.

June 30 2021

Battlefield 2042 will support NVIDIA's DLSS upscaling and low-latency Reflex techniques, DICE has confirmed.

For more on the latter, check out our explainer here.

June 23 2021

It sounds as though Battlefield 2042 will offer a huge sandbox of classic franchise maps, vehicles and weapons as part of a new 'hub' – according to a longtime leaker.

Find out more here.

June 13 2021

Take a look at some rather wild-looking gameplay straight from the game, as shared during E3 2021 at the Xbox Press Conference.

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