NICKMERCS Launches $50,000 Apex Legends MFAM Gauntlet Tournament

Nick 'NICKMERCS' Kolcheff's Gauntlet tournaments are legendary among Call of Duty: Warzone players and fans alike. Many of his fans were wondering what would happen to the MFAM competitions when he switched from Verdansk to World's Edge.

NICKMERCS' journey in Apex Legends has been anything but smooth, after he grinded out the ranked ladder with his usual buddies, he decided to take a shot at the Apex Legends Global Series. Unfortunately, his esports success was limited in the world of Apex, so he's reverted to a role he knows well from his time in Warzone: tournament organiser.

The MFAM Gauntlet's first Apex Legends tournament begins on Friday, October 22. 80 teams will fight it out for a slice of the $50,000 prize pool, $10,000 of which is up for grabs in the first qualifier. The points system is the same as in the ALGS, with the exception of the Match Point rule.

You can check out the details in NICKMERCS' Twitter post:

Subscribers to his Twitch channel have a chance of entering the tournament, and the matches will also be broadcast there as well. At the time of writing NICKMERCS has over 50,000 subs, so your chances of winning a place are pretty slim - but you never know!

And, if the stars align, you might end up facing Philip 'ImperialHal' Dosen in the Gauntlet.

The provisional dates for subsequent rounds of the competition are October 25 and 26 - although these are yet to be confirmed. Whether you want to compete or not, with more ALGS action this weekend, that's five days of consecutive Apex Legends esports action.

As we gear up for Season 11, which promises a new Legend, Ash, and a new map, Storm Point, as well as the CAR SMG, it's great to see the competitive scene thriving with community tournaments running alongside EA's official offerings.

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