Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021: Monsters Within Replaces Fight or Fright

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UPDATE 13 October 2021 - The Apex Legends Monsters Within Event is now live, but a reminder that Shadow Royal won't return until later this month, on October 26!

[Original Story] - In the past two years of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment has continued a tradition of celebrating Halloween through its Fight or Fright events. In 2021, the developers are cooking the spooky festivities up for this event once more. Halloween is a spooky time of year, and Respawn likes nothing more than changing up its hit battle royale game to give it a scarier feel.

Whether it's setting the maps at nighttime or adding zombie-like Shadows to the game, we're sure to be in for a (trick or) treat when October rolls around. Whether you're a fan of climbing the Apex Legends ranks or you're choosing Apex Legends' best guns to do your damage, it's always worth checking out the Halloween mode for some lighthearted Apex action.

The Apex Legends Halloween event 2021 is not to be confused with the Apex Legends Monsters Within event - that's a different event that runs before (and partially concurrently) with Shadow Royale. With October starting this week, hopefully we'll see some teasers for this year's event. In the meantime, here's what we know about the Apex Legends Halloween 2021 event:

Latest News

11 October 2021

Here's a better look at Caustic's new Synthesis Chamber skin, coming to the game as part of the Apex Legends Monsters Within event starting October 12.

7 October 2021

Apex Legends has announced its Halloween Event plans this year and it's slightly different.

Here's the full run-down, courtesy of Respawn, as well as the official trailer:

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: nights grow long and dark with shadows, and the Legends dress up for the occasion...and reveal the Monsters Within. Fight to conquer the new Encore Arenas map, while special event-limited cosmetic sets highlight the scary side of some of our most fearsome Legends like Revenant, Bloodhound, Caustic and Seer. On October 26, rediscover Shadow Royale, a different kind of Battle Royale where slain Legends respawn in a Shadow-Form to exact revenge and help living squadmates. Shadow lives are infinite, and your squad’s not eliminated until the last living Legend falls.

When Is the Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 Start Date?

UPDATE: It looks as though the Apex Legends Monsters Within Event is our 'Halloween' event of 2021. It begins slightly sooner on October 12, but shall still end on November 2.

[Original Story] - The Apex Legends Halloween Shadow Royale 2021 event starts on October 26, and lasts until November 2. This year it's the final event of Season 10 and ushers in Apex Legends Season 11.

We've got some datamines, but for now we'll have to wait for more announcements from Respawn Entertainment to see how the Fight or Fright event goes for this 2021.

Caustic dressed as a creepy clown, staring at the camera in a dark field.
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Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 - What To Expect

Since its release, Respawn Entertainment has not missed a chance to celebrate Halloween in Apex Legends. In the first two years of the game, Apex Legends got the Fight or Fright event which featured the Legends fighting in a Halloween-themed map for duration of the event.

Instead of just giving players a themed map, Respawn Entertainment also added game modes that put a wholly different spin on the battle royale mode.

It's been a year since the last LTM, but it seems that Respawn may be ditching the Fight or Fright for a more generic Halloween event this time around - at least according to the datamines.

Keep an eye on the Apex Legends patch notes for more information on this year's spooky LTM.

Apex Legends Halloween Event 2021 Leaks

Dataminers suggest that plenty of old Halloween skins are returning in 2021, so if you missed out on vampire Crypto or Frankenstein Gibby then it's the perfect opportunity.

Garret believes that there are four new Legendary skins on offer, and Shadow Royale returns from the 2020 Fight or Fright event.

Apex Legends Fight or Fright 2021 - Previous Years

For the first year, the Fight or Fright event had the Shadowfall mode where players were introduced to a battle royale mode for the first half of the fight. However, eliminated players return to the fight as Shadows that hunt the living players down too. Once there are only a few players left, the second half will start where the last living players will have to reach an extraction point to win. Meanwhile, the Shadows can also win by preventing any of the living players from escaping the area.

For the second year, the Fight or Fright event had the Shadow Royale mode where teams of players are in yet another battle royale mode. However, the fight is never over in this mode as eliminated players are never out and will return as Shadows that can help their squad fight and remain in the fight. Shadows keep respawning as long as there are still living teammates in their squad. The Shadows were also given the wallrunning ability to help them fight better for this mode.

That's everything we know about the 2021 Apex Legends Halloween event at present, but we'll update this guide when we find out more.

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