Apex Legends' Revenant Has Become Way More Terrifying

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While the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event introduced some amazing new skins and other collectible cosmetic items, it also brought buffs to some characters.

While many Revenant mains were excited to see the Legend's new heirloom, the buffs he received have turned Revenant from a lower-tier character to one Apex Legends players should fear.


Revenant Buffs

The list of updates Revenant received in Apex Legends 9.1 is as follows:

  • Slightly slimmed down hitbox (specifically his midsection, arms, and upper legs).
  • Stalker climb height significantly increased.
  • Silence duration decreased from 20 seconds to 15 seconds.
  • Reduced the duration of death protection by 5 seconds while using the Death Totem.

The overall updates are all well and good, but the show's real star is the buff to Revenant's Stalker passive.

As seen in the video above, his climbing height has increased dramatically, making him capable of achieving great heights in a more silent fashion than Valk, Octane, or Pathfinder.

What makes Revenant more terrifying is how he looks while climbing, which is sure to unsettle foes that witness the act.


Climbing up surfaces like some sort of mechanical spider, Revenant is a sight to behold.

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Climbing the Charts

Apex Legends Revenant
DEATH: Skinbags don't stand a chance

Revenant is already a star in Arenas, but his Stalker buff makes him even more valuable, especially in the new Skull Town map.

As for the Battle Royale tier list, Revenant now climbs from the bottom D Tier to B Tier, a much more functional pick due to his increased and silent mobility.

Respawn Entertainment promised players that they would make Revenant terrifying again, and it looks like they have done their job.


According to @_ApexStatus, Revenant has seen a huge jump in his pick rate since the release of the Genesis Collection Event, with players seemingly excited about the changes to the Legends.

Only time will tell if his popularity will hold, but for now, the huge spike in Revenant picks has caused dips in the pick rates of Octane, Bloodhound, Wraith, and Lifeline, all Apex Legends favorites, for quite some time.

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Time for Death

Apex Legends who have previously given up on Revenant, or those who were never interested in the Legend before, owe it to themselves to give the simulacrum a spin.

Revenant is the embodiment of death, and with his new heirloom, he fits the role even more than ever.

Apex Legends Dead Man's Curve
HEIRLOOM: Revenant's "Dead Man's Curve"

Whether in Battle Royale or Arenas, Revenant may become king of the high-ground, stealthily climbing his way to new heights and taking down the established Apex Legends hierarchy.

Hopefully, his new buffs do not prove to be too much, and he will not see a nerf in the near future.

Scaling the tallest buildings is extremely satisfying, especially when it helps players get the drop on unsuspecting enemy squads.

There really is nothing like climbing to the top of Skull Town and watching all the skin bags scuttle around like ants as they try to scramble for cover.

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