Apex Legends Arenas Tier List (Season 9): Best Characters to Use Guide

The introduction of Arenas into Apex Legends in Season 9 was a game-changer.


The new mode places two squads of three in a head-to-head battle on a much smaller map, with the first squad earning three victories, conditionally, declared the winner.

With a new way to play comes a different set of conditions that battle occurs, meaning that different heroes shine in Areas while others look a bit dull.

The tier list for Arenas looks slightly different from the Apex Legends character tier list for Battle Royale.



Apex Legends Bloodhound
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Bloodhound's Eye of the Allfather Tactical makes them the champion of Arenas, allowing them to easily scout out the opposing team in the confined spaces of an Arena map.

Once players can purchase Bloodhound's Beast of the Hunt, they become even more terrifying, with a quicker scanning and movement speed.

If there were an SS-tier, Bloodhound would be on it.


What better Legend to have in an Arena squad than Lifeline?

Her D.O.C Heal Drone can keep teammates up and running without having to worry too much about taking the time to pop a syringe, and that face that she can revive with the D.O.C. while she makes a quick duck for cover is invaluable to any Arenas match.


While it may seem like Octane would be too confined in Areas, his speed gives him a major edge over opponents, able to rush crafting supplies, supply bins, and drops with ease.

His Jump Pads give him vertical mobility in maps where there is not much height, allowing him to cross Arena maps quickly to get a drop behind enemy lines.

Oh yeah, he also heals himself over time.


Apex Legends Revenant
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A surprising turn of events, Revenant, goes from a D-tier Battle Royale Legend to an S-tier Arenas Legend.

His increased speed gives him just enough of an edge over most Legends to make him deadly, and his 20 second Silence Tactical shuts down opponents' abilities for what seems like forever in the short-and-sweet Arena rounds.

Once players can purchase his Death Totem, he becomes a true nightmare, giving him an extra chance to take down his foes.

As of the Genesis Collection Event, Revenant can now climb insane heights, easily making his way to the top of any structure the Arena has to offer.



Bangalore gets a bit of a revival in Arenas, with her Double Time Passive and Smoke Grenade Tactical perfectly suited to the chaotic nature.

Her Ultimate works well on some maps, but not so much on maps like Party Crasher or Golden Gardens, keeping her in A-tier instead of higher up in the ranks.


Apex Legends Gibby
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A defensive powerhouse, Gibraltar is a natural when it comes to Arenas.

His Gun Shield and Dome of Protection are indispensable in Arena play, especially when opponents come out guns blazing during a match.

Unfortunately, his Ultimate keeps him from rising to the top of the tier lists, being fairly useless in the smaller Arena maps.


Mirage pulls his weight more in Arenas than he does in Battle Royale.

Throwing out decoys works surprisingly well in the smaller Arena maps, while being able to revive teammates while invisible is a huge boon, especially when keeping squadmates alive is so important to victory.

An A-lister for sure, but he is just missing a little something to push him higher up to S-tier.


Valk's vertical mobility is key in Arenas, allowing her to quickly scout out an entire Arena map, though at the cost of leaving her a bit vulnerable.

Her missiles work better for keeping opponents away from certain areas than they are at causing damage, but they can be used to devastating effect on many Arena maps.

Her Ultimate is almost useless, but her other abilities make her an excellent and mobile choice.


Apex Legends Wraith
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Voices from the Void and Into the Void are both abilities that place Wraith near the top of the Arenas tier list, allowing her to sense danger and move around the map quickly without taking damage.

Her Dimensional Drift can also move her and her teammates in and out of the fray quickly, though it can be tough to pull off on the smaller Arena maps.

Still, Wraith is at the top of the Battle Royale tier list for a reason, and she works almost as well in Arenas.



Fuse is a damage powerhouse, but one that does not work well in close-knit team situations like Arena play.

His Knuckle Cluster is a killer in the right hands, but unfortunately, it can get pretty awkward when it damages his teammates and the opposing squad.

As far as his Ultimate goes, it is good for flushing foes out of an area or trapping weak opponents, but it does not come in handy as one might think in the Arena.


Apex Legends Horizon
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Horizon is still a great Legend to play, just not as much as she is in Battle Royale.

With her recent nerfs, her Gravity Lift Tactical is not as useful as it once was, especially in Arena play with her recent nerfsHer.

Her Black Hole is amazing but is expensive and can not be used until later Arena rounds.

If Horizon's Tactical still had some offensive capabilities, she would surely be A-Tier.

Unfortunately, it does not anymore, placing her in the middle of the list.


Pathfinder shines where there is a bit of height in a map, which none of the Arenas really have.

His Zipline Gun and Grappling Hook are not totally useless, still giving Pathfinder a ton of mobility as he zips around an Arena.

Unfortunately, it makes him a pretty good target and requires expert care to pull off properly.


Apex Legends Rampart
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Rampart and Arenas go very well together, with her Amped Cover Tactical shields coming in handy on most maps, and Shiela tears apart enemy squads like a hot knife through butter.

Her passive also makes LMG weapons like the Spitfire deadly in Arenas without spending extra credits upgrading them.

The only downfall to Rampart is that she is not a very mobile Legends, being better suited to hunkering down and protecting a choice location.

This is the only reason why she does not rank higher on the list.



Wattson and her fences work great for some Arena maps, like Party Crasher and Golden Gardens, but they become almost useless in other maps.

Her Interception Pylons are a great asset to a squad, charging shields and stopping enemies flat.

Unfortunately, there are too many conditions to make Wattson a real viable Arenas Legend.


Apex Legends Caustic
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Many Arena maps feature wide-open spaces without too many confined areas where Caustic normally shines.

Even in these areas, Arena matches are so short and brutal that many players will force their way through the gas to get the kill, often succeeding and taking the match before much gas damage is even taken.

Caustic is Fortified, making him a bit more of a tank, but his slower speed makes him a giant target in Arenas and a tough Legend to play in a match.



Apex Legends Loba
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Both Loba's Black Market Ultimate and Eye for Quality Passive are useless in Arenas, tossing a large portion of what makes Loba great right out the window.

Her Burglar's Best Friend Tactical is great for getting her out of a rough situation, but with the small field of battle and frantic gunfights is hard to pull off successfully.

While Loba is a fantastic character to have on a squad in Battle Royale, she brings little glamor to Arenas.


Crypto's defining feature, his drone, makes him a giant target in the small confines of Arena.

The drone is not very helpful in Arenas at all, often getting shot down quickly or wandering around aimlessly looking for opponents while they are busy shooting Crypto in the face.

Without his drone, Crypto has to survive on his gunplay, which is pointless when other better characters are actually useful in Arenas.

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