Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Starts Today

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Updated with new Genesis Collection Event skins, how to get Revenant's heirloom, cosmetics and start time news.

Original Story - Apex Legends has announced the game's next Collection Event in the form of 'the Genesis Collection Event.'

The next seasonal event for the game looks to rewind the clock and bring back some classic maps to the game for any fans feeling a bit nostalgic.

Keep reading, we'll give you the full low down of what to expect.

But first, let's have a look at the new trailer.


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When Does Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event Start?


The new Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event has a confirmed release date of Tuesday, June 29.

Shrugtal, an Apex Legends leaker, has said to expect the update around 12:00 p.m. EST / 6:00 p.m. BST. Apex Legends usually releases updates around this time, so fans can expect to be able to play the new event by 1:00 p.m. EST / 7:00 p.m. BST on June 29th.

The Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event runs until July 13th, 2021.

UPDATE - June 29

As per well-known and trusted leaker Shrugtal, the next patch looks set to drop at the "usual time" for all players, which for those who don't know, is around 5pm GMT Tuesday.

It was also announced that 'no preloads [have been] announced yet', but it's possible we hear something from Respawn in the lead up to launch later today.

Genesis Collection Event New Features

Here's a quick rundown of what you can expect from the upcoming event, including news of map changes, a new heirloom - so start saving up those heirloom shards - and much more. All details are courtesy of Respawn:

Conquer the classic Kings Canyon and World’s Edge maps in Battle Royale or fight for glory on the Skull Town Arenas map. Earn free rewards throughout the event, or check out event-limited offer bundles. With 24 unique cosmetics paying homage to the history of Valkyrie and the other Legends, you’ll learn just how valuable a Legacy can be. Especially if you collect them all, and get your hands curled around Revenant’s new heirloom: “Dead Man’s Curve”. Ready to return to where it all began?

Apex Devstream - Genesis Collection Event

Ahead of the next collection event going live, Apex Design Director Jason McCord, and Principal Animator, Moy Parra, jumped on a quick live stream to breakdown all the new stuff coming when Genesis goes live.


Genesis Collection Event Skins

Yes, of course, there are new skins. Here's a look at them:

Apex Legends Bangalore
Apex Legends Crypto
Apex Legends Gibby

UPDATE - June 28

There's a new video doing the rounds showing a slightly better look at some of the upcoming skins and cosmetics coming as part of the Apex Legends Genesis Event.

The original video was posted by @ApexLegendsWiki, before being retweeted by known Apex leaker, Shrugtal.

You can take a look just below:


Genesis Collection Prize Track

Apex Legends Genesis Collection prize track

Along with new skins, there is a prize track for players to move up, earning more rewards as they collect points in the Genesis Collection Event.


Several Gun Charms and Trackers are up for grabs, as well as Wattson skin, Charge Rifle Skin, and EVA-8 Auto Skin.

Overall there are 24 total items to collect throughout the event, and players who get them all will be treated to a special price.

Revenant's heirloom set.

An Heirloom for Revenant

Apex Legends Revenant Scythe

As seen in the trailer above, Revenant is finally getting an heirloom.


Called the "Dead Man's Curve," the scythe is the latest addition to the most hard-to-come-by and prestigious skins in the game.

Players can get the new heirloom by collecting all 24 cosmetic items from the Genesis Collection Event, though that means spending money on Apex Coins in order to purchase Genesis Collection Apex Packs, as players will not earn enough for free to receive every item available.

Other than Collection Events, the only way to get heirlooms is through Heirloom Shards found in Apex Packs at a 1 in 500 chance.

Genesis Collection Event Patch Notes

Respawn has announced the official patch notes for the Apex Legends Genesis Collection Event. Whilst they haven't specified we imagine these will be the patch notes for Apex Legends Update 9.1.

The patch notes are fairly extensive, so we've compiled all the changes onto another page to keep things simple. Follow the link above for the full rundown of what is changing with the introduction of the next event and patch to the game.

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