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Apex Legends 9.1 Patch Notes Update: Release Date, Weapon Changes And What Else To Expect

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Apex Legends: Legacy has been a great Season so far, though it has not been without its hiccups here and there.

There have been a few hotfixes along the way, but the first major update to the Season is coming soon with the release of Apex Legends 9.1.


Apex Legends 9.1

Apex Legends 9.1 Release Date

There is no solid release date for Apex Legends 9.1 right now, though Respawn developers are saying it is coming at the end of June, and that there is "gonna be some good stuff to chew on."

Since Apex Legends tends to update on Tuesdays, players can estimate that 9.1 will land on June 28, 2021.

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What Can Players Expect From Apex Legends 9.1?

Apex LEgends Wraith and Octane
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Better Matchmaking

Ever since Apex Legends Season 4, matchmaking has been a bit wonky when it comes to using the "No Fill" option.

First introduced to allow players to try to play the game solo, often times players are dropped solo when they do not want to be.


There have also been issues matching players of similar skill, with some matches clearly being dominated by experienced players when the rest are obviously newer, less-experienced players.

During a Reddit AMA, Respawn had this to say:

"Team's taking another crack at a fix in 9.1—aiming end of this month. We think it's more than one issue causing it, not necessarily all to do with no-fill. Very frustrating, and it has definitely taken too long, but we're hopeful about getting it with this next patch."

New Collection Event

The "Japan Legacy" collection event has been rumored to be coming for a bit now, and Apex Legends 9.1 may be where players get to see the launch of the event.

This is also likely to be when Revenant's Scythe Heirloom will be released.

Ranked Arenas

Another feature expected in Apex Legends 9.1 is the addition of ranked Arena play, something players have been asking for since shortly after Apex Legends Season 9's release.

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