Apex Legends Overflow Arenas Map Leaked By Data Miners

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New to Season 9, Apex Legends' Arenas mode is already popular with the player base.

Originally released with five maps, three of which were recycled from Battle Royale maps, the mode saw a new Skull Town map with the release of the Genesis Collection Event.

Data Miners have found another Arenas map coming to Apex Legends in the future, an original location specific to the game mode.

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Arenas Overflow Map

Overflow appears to be a factory filled with multiple levels, flowing lava channels, and several open areas.

Apex Legends data miner, KralRindo, was able to find a rough render of the map that shows the layout from the outside.

It appears two main lanes meet in a large area in the middle.

This middle space is where the map looks to open up the most, featuring lava flows and factory equipment.

Arenas Overflow Map Release Date

There is currently no word on when the new Arenas map will be released.

With a new Arenas event coming up after the Genesis Collection Event, Apex Legends players may see the new map as soon as then.

If not, there is a good chance Overflow would then arrive with Apex Legends Season 10, hopefully, alongside Ranked Arenas play.

Current Apex Legends Arenas Maps

Apex Legends currently has two original maps for Arenas that always stay in rotation:

  • Phase Runner
  • Party Crasher

There are also several rotating maps that are taken from current Battle Royale maps.

These maps enter and leave regular rotation:

  • Artillery (King's Canyon)
  • Skull Town (King's Canyon)
  • Thermal Station (World's Edge)
  • Golden Gardens (Olympus)

The addition of Overflow would bring Arenas to three original maps.

There is no word on whether or not it will permanently stay in map rotations or if only a certain amount of original maps will stay in the rotations at once.

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