Misconfigured Apex Server Settings Lead to Squads of 4, 5, and 6

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It appears a brief misconfiguration in Apex Legends servers led players to be put in squads of four, five, or even six players shortly after the launch of the Genesis Collection Event.

Respawn Entertainment was quick to fix the issue, though there have been players who are urging the team to consider allowing more players in squads in the future.

Apex Legends Six-Person Squads

As seen in the Reddit post above, some squads were so large that players got cropped off the victory screen.

Respawn's Live Technical Designer, Aaron L., had this to say on Reddit:

Thank you for the bringing this to our attention.

Just like the other thread, we had a little misconfiguration on the server and every team was size increased, should be super fixed now :)

Not going to lie, that looks super fun for a game or two.

Apex Legends players on Reddit urged Aaron for more information, the bug seeminly going over very well with the community as a whole.

Aaron promised Redditors that he would "make sure the leads hears about this feedback."

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Apex Legends Squad Size Changes

Longtime Apex Legends players may remember that Duos were not a permanent addition to the game until April of 2020, and Respawn has also toyed with Solo play before.

While not its own game mode, players can still queue into matches solo, though there are only a limited amount of solo slots per game.


The recent Apex Legends bug may be a blessing in disguise for Respawn Entertainment, and who knows if players may see a limited time option that allows squads of four, five, or six players to work together.

There certainly are enough Legends now to accomidate larger squads, and it would be interesting to see which Legends work well in large groups and which do not.

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